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  November 1, 2005


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 Tuesday - November 1, 2005

Catching Up

People who use computers know the importance of backing up their files. People who really use their computers had better back up their files because sooner or later they'll have to reload windows and start over from scratch. The geeks on the defunct ďTechTVĒ network talked about that a lot. The geekier you are, the more likely you are to  screw around with your system and mess things up.

My time came last week when XP became so instable that it wouldnít allow me to access my restore points or even turn off the computer when I tried to shut it down. I made an honest attempt at backing up my files but still ended up loosing e-mail addresses, docs, receipts and program registration codes. My downfall came when I relied on Nero 6 to do a working backup. (I hate that program) It was kind of like burning the house down just so I could do some spring cleaning.


Last month Catherine's nephew Matt was nice enough to give me his mountain bike since mine burned up in the fire. I went biking with some friends and it was the first time Iíve been on a bike in 10 years (motorcycling doesn't count).  Even though Iím 55 and everyone else was in their 60ís, I had trouble keeping up. Actually, they left me in the dust and Iíve decided that it was because I wasnít wearing official biking pants. (wink wink). Dang, those things can cost $70.


My nephew Tony got married a few weeks ago and Cathy and I spent a few days in Las Vegas attending the wedding. The wedding was great but we decided that Las Vegas really isnít our cup of tea. We donít drink much or gamble and Cath has a real problem with loud noise and second hand smoke. We did manage to spend a day camping and hiking at the Red Rock Canyon preserve which is just west of the city.


I'm still running my stealth cam and trying to get a picture of the cougar. So far I must have a hundred pictures of turkeys and crows. The wildest visitor is a coyote who drops by every other day or so and Iím showing some of his pictures on my website at: . Iím thinking of dramatically increasing my number of hits by changing the website name to ďSearching for Big FootĒ.