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  July 13, 2005


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 Wednesday - July 13, 2005

Bare Dirt

The new house is bolted together and Iím slowly beginning to feel like life is returning to normal. We have power, phone, gas, water and I even had my Direct TV dish transferred to the new place. Right or wrong, sitting around the TV makes me feel like weíve finally moved in. I suspect that prehistoric cave men felt the same way when they were able to relax around the fire with their family.

I didnít document the construction process very well. It seemed like I was always in a rush to keep ahead of the inspectors and our contractor kept me hopping, doing the work that I had agreed would be my responsibility. During those days I just didnít feel like getting out the camera to record my efforts.

Though our new house is modest, we now have amenities that most people take for granted. In the country, water pressure is a luxury and a side effect of meeting new fire codes is that we were required to modify our plumbing. Indoor fire sprinklers are now mandatory and to pass inspection, I had to install an auxiliary water pump that boosts the household water pressure to over 50 PSI. The welcome side effect is that we can now take showers that donít just drool water.

We have two bathrooms, a dish washer, central heating and air conditioning. This three bedroom house is allowing me to set up my own office and Iíve been slowly moving in my computers and ham radio junk. The nicest thing is that Iím no longer under a deadline and can relax and take my time.

The forest service appreciates the fact that we don't have vegetation close to the house but I've been planting trees and shrubs just the same.  We're looking forward to the time when the property won't have that scraped, bare dirt look.  It will take years to accomplish that.

For a slightly more picturesque view I have a web came set up that shows the view to the north from our back porch. It uploads pictures every hour and updates the weather every three hours. Web Cam

At one point the shippers abandoned the home at a freeway off-ramp 10 miles from our house.  Cathy and I spent a week sleeping in the thing to keep the vandals away. That episode was worth a few journal entries but I just didn't have the strength.

We're entering the peak fire season in our area and I haven't forgotten how the 03' October fire storm changed my life. This time I'm taking steps that will allow me to fight the fire myself.  The last time, fire crews were too afraid to come into our valley  so I've bought a water pump with 150' of 1-1/4" fire hose.  I've hooked it up to our 10,000 gal water tank and hope to be able to make a stand if we get fire again. At the very least I'll be able to hose the house down before we evacuate.



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