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  September 7, 2005


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 Wednesday - September 7, 2005

Stealth Camera

Have Iíve mentioned that Catherine is the more adventurous person in our relationship? A couple of weeks ago while backpacking in the northern sierras she noticed dead chickens hanging from trees. (Sounds like a scene out of The Blair Witch Project.) The chickens were being used as bait to lure animals within range of motion detecting cameras. Later she bumped into the person maintaining the cameras and he explained that they are part of a study being done by Davis University. These three are some of the photos they have gotten so far.

Motion detecting photography is a technique that has become much simpler with the predominance of digital cameras and Iíve decided to set one up here on the ranch. For years neighbors have been reporting cougar sightings but I never seem to be in the right place to see one. It wonít be quite the same as a live contact but Iíll take what I can get. Itís also my way of verifying that cougars really do come to our area. Iíve always been suspicious that people were really seeing stray dogs and letting their imaginations take over. Itís also common for people to confuse dog tracks with cougar tracks. (OK, Iím the one who was confused.) I had to have Catherine explain the difference after I got all excited and dragged her out to see what I thought were mountain lion tracks. Turned out they belonged to a big friendly dog named Popeye who lives down the road.

Rob's first sighting
(I have no idea who that fat guy with the skinny legs is)

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