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  September 18, 2005


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 Sunday - Sept. 18, 2005


Itís been a week since I set up my stealth cam so Iíll post the pictures of all the exotic animals Iíve photographed so far. The turkeys are by far the most frequent visitors and they usually come by twice a day. I installed the camera at one of the watering spots Iíve set up on the property however; it looks like I may need to move it closer to the creek. Last night we heard a critter yowling in that area but whatever it was, it didnít come up to my camera. The creek bed is the most convenient wildlife corridor but because of the vegetation I havenít tried mounting the camera there.

My best guess is that the critter we heard last night was a young bobcat. We are quite familiar with the call of an adult bobcat and this just sounded like a younger version. For a couple of nights I put out dry cat food but nothing took the bait so next I may try a can of tuna. Might as well get some shots of the neighbors cat.

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