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  December 2, 2002


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Monday, December 02, 2002


Clancy disappeared on Thanksgiving evening. He was there when we returned home from Sheila's but wasn't around at bed time. That's not unusual though when he didn't show up by Friday morning I became concerned. We live in coyote country. Clancy grew up in this area and he was described by neighbors as "coyote wise". With his tabby coloring he blended in with the surroundings and he was always cautious and alert when wandering the property. He's disappeared for a day or two in the past but four days is a record and I've just about given up. I've searched the property but haven't found a trace or sign of a struggle.

I'll miss seeing him waiting for us when we return from work. Though he had the run of the house, he was always happiest outside and he enjoyed following us around while we did our chores.

Of less importance, the doctor called tonight to tell me I had gallstones. In his words, I've got lots of them. I'll be setting up a surgery date in the next week or so and till then I'll be doing some research about gallbladders. From what I know so far it doesn't sound like a dangerous operation. Apparently, with new techniques I might not spend more than a day in the hospital.

Not much in the mood for writing tonight.


June 18, 1966 Saturday

Itís finally happened! The things Iíve been waiting for 8 months! Schools out!! Usually at this time Iím feeling pretty bad because I didnít get good grades but this time I did better than I expected. I got two Bís and all the rest Cís. The surprise of my life was getting a C in Spanish. I almost expect someone to call me and say the teacher made a mistake.

It seems funny that Iíll probably never see some of my school friends again. After five years at Coronado Iím finally leaving. Itís never going to be the same when I get back.

I went to the beach today with Kirk to try out his new wet suit. The water was pretty good but I didnít stay in very long. I got sun burned but it wasnít bad because Iíve been working up to it ever since January. Around hear, Januarys like the spring in other parts of the country.

A few days ago some girls called me up but I wasnít home. They got my brother and said they loved me and all that jazz. Of course they were just goofing off, my brother had calls like that too, but itís nice to know that somebodyís thinking about you.

I passed my learners permit test last Wednesday and now I can drive as long as I have a licensed driver with me. Barry says I could pass the big test now but I donít want to risk it.

Everybody in my family is a pessimist except maybe my sister. I sit around and listen to my father talk how cruel the world is and how everybodyís a stupid fool. Barryís against the war in VietNam very much. He thinks weíre asses to be over there. Mother thinks everybodyís a communist in the United States. When I listen to my family talk like this I get worried that Iíll grow up to be like them. Iíve decided to take an optimistic view to things. I have the feeling that the world isnít the hell hole everybody makes it out to be. I love this world and until I find out for myself what itís really like Iím just going to go on loving it.

Lately Patís been next to impossible. He treats Kirk and I like creeps. Whenever we say anything heís always correcting us. When ever we do something heíll start criticizing us. Heís always been this way but lately heís been twice as bad. Iím trying to make him realize that heíll loose friends if he keeps this up but he canít get the point. Heís really bad on Kirk. When he picks on me I always have an answer so he lays off but kirks not so good at arguments so Pat takes advantage of it. Kirks a real nice guy and I hate to see him picked on. I try to stick up for him but I donít want to fight his battles.

It used to be that Pat and I would always go together but since he started cutting us down Kirk and I have grown closer. Pat always wants to do what he wants to do, but when he sees heís loosing friends I think heíll realize that you have to give a little for friendship


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