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  October 9, 2003


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October 9, 2003 - Thursday

Very hard days.  I've been spending my weekends with my sister and brother clearing out my Dad's house, preparing it for sale.  43 years worth of sentimental tchotchkes mixed in with pricey antiques.  Property to dispose of in an emotional setting.

I'm taking this weekend off to prepare for our backpacking hike and it will be a welcome break. I'm getting numb from this never ending trip down memory lane and lately I've had to work hard to keep it from turning into a scene from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

I have lots to say but know better than to try when I'm so tired.  Most is better left unsaid.

I'll leave you with my picture.  It's all I have handy at the moment.

Future Banana Smoker



July 26, 1967 - Wednesday

Nothing at all has been happening around here which is why I haven't been writing.

At work, Ron has gotten mad at one of the girls  because she tends to goof off when things are busy.  He's giving her the silent treatment and she can't figure out why.  Now she keeps coming to me to find out what's the matter.  Right now I just act stupid but I can't keep that up for long.  I think she is going to start asking questions of everyone else about Ron.  Right now I'm the only one who knows why Ron is mad and I'm not sure what to do.

It rained today for the first time this summer.  It was my day off and I drove to the vet hospital to offer Ron a ride home.  He had already left.

July 28, 1967 - Friday

Tomorrow I'm working as much as possible because I really want to bring in the money.  I've been having trouble convincing everyone I should get a sports car.

I've been reading lately how the newest phase is smoking bananas.  It seems pretty simple so I have some banana shavings in the oven cooking.  When they're dried out I'll put them in a pipe and give it a try.  I'm sure it's just a joke but what the heck.  Can't be worse than some of the pipe tobacco I smoke.

Ron's been telling me how he likes a girl at school.  Of course she's a cheer leader and "high society" so he knows it's impossible.  It's kind of funny how he goes out of his way at 5:30 in the morning to ride his bike past her house.  We're always joking about it at work.

Speaking of girls, I've had no luck with the girl down the street.  The closest I've come to her is changing a tire  while she was pulling weeds in her front lawn.  I know she noticed me (I made sure of that) but she gave no sign of interest.  I guess she was so thrilled with knowing such a great looking boy lived close by that she just couldn't bring herself to run over and start a conversation. Or maybe she smelled the bananas cooking in the oven. (Ha Ha)

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