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  October 15, 2002


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October 15, 2002 - Tuesday


My first entry and the pressure is on. This stress is just what I need in my life. Actually, compared to the average person, I live a very low stress life style. I suppose it would be more accurate to  say that I suffer from a low stress threshold. I'm not bragging and this isn't a whining confession on the Oprah show. It's just a fact and I have a psychiatrist to back me up on the claim. I'm not proud of being neurotic but like Woody Alan, I tend to revel in the affliction. "Everyone needs a hobby." (I think he said that about masturbation but what the heck.)

So far, today was the high point of my week. We'll call it, The OPO (Open Purchase Order),  Ida to Rob, "You Screwed Up", controversy. Thereís really not a whole lot to say about it. Anyone who reads Dilbert would recognize this type of encounter. Over worked, easily annoyed accountant gets Rob in her office and says,  ďI personally put the memo in your box!Ē ďPurchasing will be pissed off!Ē  ďAdmit that you screwed up and Iíll stop frowning at you!Ē 

I wonít go into much detail as the experience was bad enough the first time. Since I can usually see what the outcome will be before we start these meetings, I like to expedite the process and get to the predestined end as soon as possible. To keep things moving I  said I must have misplaced the memo (the one I didnít get). The frowning stopped.

These meetings are often about who can argue the best or who has the "home turf advantage".  Truth has little to do with the outcome.  Kind of like the legal system.



April 17, 1966 Ė Sunday

I want to make one thing clear, this isnít a diary. I plan to write down my thoughts every once in a while and compare notes later on. First of all I will keep nothing back. I donít plan on having anyone else read these notes but me.

I guess some people would think it silly to do this but after reading The Diary of Anne Frank, I think otherwise. I have always liked to write and I seem to be the quiet type of person who doesnít express his thoughts very much. (When I do, it doesnít come out right anyway). As I write this I feel more sure of myself as I go along. At home Iím afraid to talk because someone is always there to correct me. Now I can write without having to feel that I must spell correctly or I can give ideas without having to worry about people thinking my ideas are stupid. Some people would call this an easy way out but if I donít do this, Iíll never say anything anyway. (You must think Iím crazy at this point).

Considering the fact that this isnít just one of my passing phases, fads or otherwise, you should learn more about me as time goes on. (I donít think it is) After reading the book (Anne Frank), I discovered that she was able to improve herself by looking back through her papers. Being a person who is in great dire need of improvement, I hope this will help me.

As I write this I will say ďYouĒ referring to myself or whoever reads this. I hope nobody does, at least not while Iím alive. It could be embarrassing for both of us.

First I will describe myself as a general person. Iím certainly not smart (you can tell by my spelling) but then I like to think Iím not dumb. After experiences with certain friends, I feel sure of this. I usually creep by with a ďCĒ average. I hope I improve. As you know, I am the quiet type. I have a normal amount of friends. None girls (I donít know if Iím happy or sad about that).

Opps!! I forgot to tell you my name is Robert Horne! I am 16 & Ĺ years old. Not ugly and not handsome. For the last few months (since Christmas) I have been interested in skin diving. I like aquariums, some sports and I wish to heck summer was here. Iím not very sociable. I donít go to dances (Iím glad to say). I love a good movie and I like to be alone a lot. If I keep this up Iíll go on for ever. The first thing I plan to do is to find a notebook and a good place somewhere in the room. My friends are always looking around and they might find it.

Well I guess Iíll stop now. Motherís sort of mad cause I keep my room door shut all the time. She doesnít think much of privacy. I have a lot more to write but if I stick to my goal and keep writing, there wonít be any problems. Iíll probably never run out of material.