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  Oct. 18, 2002


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October 18, 2002 - Friday

Embracing a Concept

Dilbert is my favorite comic strip. Actually itís the only one I read. I use the internet for my daily paper and the Dilbert site is the first place I visit when doing my morning browsing. The managers at work read the strip as well and itís interesting to see how differently they interpret things . To them, itís a manual for how things ought to be done.

Complaining about work is an American tradition and I embrace the concept. I took the day off so I could ruminate and fine tune all my gripes and grievances into one long memorized soliloquy.  Jane Goodall writes about ďcircular thoughtĒ and how it can inhibit personal growth.  Thatís what I was doing in bed at three this morning. Thinking circularly. Since I was having so much fun, I decided to stay home and really get into it.


"The Dragon Fly"
 My entry in the SDSU Physical Plant Pinewood Derby

Next week we're having a Pinewood Derby race at work so I spent a little time completing my car. Unlike the Cub Scout race, this version has no rules other than that the car has to stay on the track. Weight and friction are usually the deciding factor in these events and studies show that the heavier the car, the faster it goes. This one weighs in at just under 16 ounces. I didn't have much time  so I'm already planning the 2003 entry. Till then I'll be researching compressed air containers and trigger mechanisms.


It's 6:00 PM and tonight is the last Descanso Town Hall movie for the Fall season. We only had four movies this season though, I have to admit, that's fine with me. As a volunteer I'm obliged to be there but Eric is starting to show repeats and Gene Autry movies are a lot a like as it is.

Catherine is out and about so I'll be meeting her at the hall at 7:30. I'd really like to take a nap while the movies running but folding chairs are a little uncomfortable and I'd feel a little self conscious dozing on the floor. I might try to transfer one of my recorded books to an MP3 player and hang out in my truck.


April 18, 1966 Ė Monday

Today I think Iíll start from the beginning. To give you a general idea of what my life is like Iíll go through the day as things happened.

I got up a seven, my usual time, and after my usual hour of hectic search for books and things, was on my way to school by eight. I met Pat outside, heís one of my best friends, and we road to school together. Looking ahead I see that it was a pretty boring day so Iíll try to go faster. After getting to school my first period is algebra. Mr Johnstone has a terrible habit of teaching us things that arenít in the book which makes it very hard to do the homework he gives me. After Algebra comes English. This is the only period I really enjoy. As long as we stick to literature I do OK but on verbs and nouns I really begin to fall down.

Shop, typing and P.E. are of little interest but sixth period comes Spanish, the class I despise above all other classes. Mr Villar is a stupid, childish person who considers giving ďFísĒ a sport. If it wasnít for this class I wouldnít mind school so much.

When I got home I was greeted by more sorrows. Barry and Sheila came home from college for the day and mother was telling the latest problems. First of all to fill you in, I have to tell you something about my father. For 20 years my father was in the navy and suddenly about six years ago he retired. Since then we have had nothing but problems.

At the time he retired we lived on the East coast in Rhode Island. From there we moved to Coronado California where we are now. Through this time he has had many jobs but none seem to stick with him. Father now is working in a job with N.A.S.A. as a contract advisor. The people he works with, according to him, are complete imbeciles. He canít stand the job and he isnít making half as much as he should. With certain expenses now weíre having trouble eating. We hardly have over $25 dollars in the bank. Now comes the latest tragedy. Mother and father are planning on renting our house and moving into a smaller apartment. Theyíre even contemplating moving to Japan where father has a lead on a job. I know this is very selfish of me but I hope and pray that they stay in Coronado. At least till I finish high school. Iím tired of moving around and losing my friends. This is one reason Iím so shy now.

One more thing before I close. A girl from my algebra class seems to be becoming slightly more friendly with me. Perhaps itís just my imagination but she tried to start a conversation outside religion class and me in my stupidity just answered her question and walked on. How can I get to know girls if itís even hard for me to know boys. Tomorrow Iíll try to be more friendly and see what results it brings. Come to think of it I donít even know her name.

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