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  October 21, 2002


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Disheveled Wild Man

October 21, 2002 - Monday

It was overcast most of the day in San Diego though I could see from my web cam that we were having a sunny day at home.  When you commute 40 miles and drop 3,300í, the weather can be radically different between home and work. Often during the winter, Iíll be in the sun at work watching snow storms or rain going on at home.  On those days itís all I can do to sit tight and not rush home to frolic in the snow.

Todays Backyard


Today I made sure that things went smoothly at work.  I kept my ranting to a minimum and spent time fine tuning my open purchase orders. If I were better informed, Iíd be blaming our budget problems on Gray Davis, the governor.  Not being politically adept and not having specific facts at hand, I can only express suspicions that heís to blame for our current money crisis. Two weeks ago all was in order and I was set up for a trouble free year with money in the accounts and vendors lined up in order.  Today, my primary accounts have been shifted to back ups and credit card purchase accounts cancelled. The money is still there somewhere; itís just harder to get at it.


Maybe Iím experiencing some residual non-conformist thoughts left over from my youth but Iím a good three weeks overdue for a hair cut. I got a side look at myself in a mirror today and as always, reality doesnít quit match the mental picture I had for myself.  I was picturing a rugged individualist but instead saw an disheveled wild man. What the heck, I guess Iíll go with that look for awhile.

April 24, 1966 Ė Sunday

Well, here it is Sunday again and nothings changed. I donít mind Sundays as much as I used to because everyday brings me closer to summer.

In a way, I anxious for this summer to get here but Iím also afraid. If a good job doesnít come up soon for father, weíll have to move into the boondocks. If I donít get a summer job it could make things more difficult.

Sheilaís getting married in June. I wish I didnít have to go to the wedding. Gene has a fifteen year old sister whoís supposed to be very active and talks a lot. Mother thinks thatís just what I need to snap me out of my anti-social mood. I know this will sound weird to you, but Iím proud of the way I act. All other people seem so foolish with their clubs and dances and social affairs. Kirk knows everybody in school but he has no friends beside me and Pat. Heís always walking around town saying hi to every familiar face. Now everyone in school thinks of him as a stupid fool. I know it takes one to know one and thatís why Kirk and I are such good friends. Boy when I look back at that last paragraph I see I jammed about three paragraphs into one. When I write I donít want to forget my thoughts, so I canít take time out to think of paragraph construction.

Lately Iíve started smoking a pipe that I got free with two boxes of tobacco. I really donít enjoy it. If you donít puff on it continually it will go out but if you do, your mouth tastes terrible and you canít swallow.

To change the subject, Iíll tell you something of the dreams in life I have. After I finish high school I would like to just go out all over the world. (Lord knows where the money would come from). First of all Iíd wait about two years before college an in this time Iíd be completely independent. The Pacific would be the first place Iíd head. I was born in American Samoa so Iím very interested in seeing what the place of my birth looks like. Father was in the navy when I was born and thatís where we were stationed. We left when I was about 9 months old. Iím also very interested in Africa and England, also Australia come to think of it. My lifeís goal is to see all these places before I die.

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