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  October 20, 2002


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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Get Over It

A quiet weekend and Iím looking toward the week ahead. Last week was bad for me. Circumstances had less to do with it than my disposition. I was surly the entire week because I let things get to me. Mad about the things that people say you should shrug off. ďDonít let it get to youĒ, ďGet over itĒ and ďNo whiningĒ. I guess I got tired of all the clichť advice and just decided to give in to my cranky mood. It was the kind of mood where you wait for people to give you an opening to launch into a diatribe. Iím good at diatribes though Iím not proud of that fact. Later, after Iím done, I feel sorry for the poor victim who had to listen to my rant. It hit me the other day while I was enumerating the injustices that have occurred on the job since Iíve been there. The student worker I had corralled hadnít been born when many of the inequities occurred. Time to get over it!


Clancy in Pasture

A great day in Southern California though I spent most of it on the computer. I'm outside a lot at work so for me, I don't feel obligated to get out when at home.

April 20, 1966 Ė Wednesday

Boy things arenít going so well. First of all I used to have a B average now Iíve gone down to a D average. That usually happens around the end of the year like this. I work all the other time but now Iím kind of tired. Out of 20 points in Spanish I have 1. It infuriates me how Kirk, another friend of mine, can sit in Spanish class and do nothing and still get a B. But since I have Mr. Villar, I work and slave and still get an F.

Iíve been offered a job down at the hock shop theyíre building but every time I go into talk to the boss heís not there.

One good thing happened yesterday anyway. A friend of my mothers said it would be ridiculous to rent our house. Still we might fix up an apartment in the back and rent that.

In reference to that girl I mentioned the last time. I think it was my imagination. Sheís probably just a friendly girl who likes to talk. I I canít think of any reason for a girl wanting to get to know me.

The weathers been pretty bad lately but itís clearing up. Maybe if itís hot enough this weekend Iíll do some skin diving.

Itís funny but lately Iíve been in a strange mood. Iím tired of watching television and sick of school but I still donít have time to do anything. When I start to think, then I think about school, then I start to feel guilty because Iím wasting time, so I try to do some studying.

Thank goodness tomorrow we have an assembly and morning classes are only 35 minutes long.

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