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  April 27, 2003


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Sunday - April 27, 2003


I sometimes tag along when Cath goes out for her morning jog.  Actually I walk behind her and wave when she passes me on the way back.  I haven't been up for exercise much these days and things have got to change.  The diet isn't going as well as I would like and exercise is the only thing that will save me from the ice-cream and cookies.

Catherine bribing the neighborhood dogs



February 19, 1967 Ė Sunday

Last Friday eleven boys from our high school were arrested for having LSD and other drugs. This is the second time in the past few weeks and the police say more arrests will be made. I donít know who the boys were but I should find out tomorrow. I just remembered some girls were also arrested for having drugs. Itís been happening in lots of the schools lately so Iím not really surprised. I donít know much about drugs but the adults are certainly getting excited. I donít know anyone whoís using drugs.

I really wish something would happen around here to make life a little more interesting. I wouldnít even mind if it was something bad. I keep reading about people who have interesting lives while I seem to stay in the same routine. Itís kind of childish I guess but I keep wondering if I should go out and find my own excitement. I think the only way to get excitement in your life is to go out and look for it. If you just wait for things to happen, youíll wait forever.

I donít think anybody is really happy where they are. I often read about people doing exciting things and I wish I was out there with them. I suppose if I talked to those people they wouldnít be satisfied with the life they lead either.

Next Wednesday is a holiday so Iím really planning on doing something special. I donít know what but after this boring weekend it has to be big.



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