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  April 25, 2003


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Friday - April 25, 2003

Say kids, what time is it?

In this household Catherine is the one with the self-actualized personality.  She always has a project in progress and she doesn't recognize any gender based restrictions.  Last weekend while I was fussing around with the Town Hall newsletter, she was out on the property with a chainsaw cutting down dead cypress trees.  Not satisfied with just cutting them down, she then built lawn chairs out of the remaining stumps and branches.

Once in woodshop I built a shoebox but it fell apart on the way home.


The highlight of my week came on Wednesday when I had a blistering migraine.  It was one of those debilitating headaches that couldn't be ignored and made me lay in bed with a wet rag over my eyes.   For me, migraines have been a life long affliction and this one lasted for about 24 hrs.  They usually peak in the afternoon and I can even remember having them back in the early 50's when I was trying to watch Howdy Doody.

That reminds me of another amazing thing about Catherine.  She once sat in the Peanut Gallery on the Howdy Doody show.  Unlike me, she couldn't stand the program and barely remembers  being on it.



February 15, 1967 - Wednesday

Ever since I started taking these notes Iíve had the problem of where to keep the notebook.  Normally I hide it in my radio however Iíve had some close calls when people start juggling furniture around.  If anybody sees a notebook wedged in between the wall and radio theyíre bound to start reading it. Lately Iíve just left it lying around the room.  Iíve got so many note books lying around nobody notices one more.

Today I went out and bought a metal box with a lock that is just perfect.  I guess nobodies really interested in what I write but there are a few private things I donít want the world to know about.

So far the only person who knows I do keep notes is Barry.  He happened to walk in one day when I was writing.  I felt in a good mood that day so I decided to pull his leg a little.  I told him in a dramatic way that, ďI have things written down here I wouldnít tell a priest!Ē That of course had no effect on him.  He just gave me a lecture on how dangerous it is to do things like that.  Barry does keep a diary but he does it in a way so anybody can read it.  More like a ships log.

I had a real successful day in gym today.  Normally I loaf around doing nothing but today I must have felt extra good because I decided to play football.  The teams where smaller than normal so I got to play in a better position.  I really surprised myself on the first play because I went out for a pass and ran all the way for a touchdown.  I couldnít seem to do anything wrong.  I made all sorts of spectacular plays.  The thing that bothers me is that if I had really tried I never would have done so well.

It may seem strange but for some reason when I really donít care about a game I do twice as well as when I really try.  I guess if I really try and the game depends on me I get too nervous and start dropping things.  If I do well on one day I try harder on the next but when I try harder I get worse.


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