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  December 6, 2002


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Friday, December 06, 2002

Fire Again

Jerry Barber, the workaholic Town Hall President keeps coming up with jobs for me to do. He had a realtor friend dig up the county listing for all the property owners in our zip code and heíd like me to transfer the list to my Town Hall database. OK, his list is on disk but itís in text format so Iíve been trying to figure out how to import it into my Access data base. I did manage to get it into a useable Excel format but transferring it to Access is a little trickier. Lots of little hurdles to jump on this project. The list is all in upper case and heíd prefer to have just the first letters capitalized. No doubt there is some sort of macro script that could be used to do everything I want but of course, we do the mailing this Saturday so time is of the essence. Iíve gone back to the one reliable method I know. I stick on the new Springsteen album and key in everything by hand. I must be on my 8th listening of the album so I think Iíll move on to the Dave Mathews Band for my evenings work.


This morning I found the offending circuit breaker and only needed to re-seat the thing. We have circuit breaker panels all over the property so I had to do a bit of running around to find it. Amazingly, one of the panels had a mouse nest built in the box between the main power bars that come directly off the pole. Not sure how a mouse can do that without being electrocuted but I thought it wise to clean out the nest. This is the second time in two weeks that Iíve almost burned the place down. I was using the handle of my pliers to scrape out the nest and just barely touched one of the power strips with the metal part of the tool. The jolt blew a chunk out of my pliers and ignited the mouse nest in the breaker box. It was a small fire and the mouse wasnít home at the time so I was able to stomp out the blaze as the nest fell out of the box. Next time I think Iíll turn off the power before I rummage around in a circuit breaker box. We also wonít mention this to Catherine when she gets home from work - at least not today. Iíd like to be a maintenance man hero for a few hours before I admit to being an idiot.

July 2, 1966 - continued from last entry

This turn of events is going to put a drastic change in these papers Iíve written. Anything I write will sound boring after missing out on a trip to Japan. I probably won't write half as much as previously. Iíll say one thing right now. I hereby swear that I will get out of the United State and go to all the countries I possibly can. I donít know how but after high school Iíll start. Maybe going to college in some other countries as my brother plans to do. Iím dieing inside to go to other countries and see how other people live. So help me, Iíve got to get out of these United States or Iíll bust.


I saw ďThe Sound of MusicĒ a few days ago and I was very impressed. (Otherwise I wouldnít mention it now). This movie is in its second year and it even surpassed ďGone with the WindĒ. It was about a family living in Austria. Itís a beautiful country that I plan on visiting but besides that, the family in the movie impressed me. It reminds me of how my family used to be. We were always close and did things together. Now Iím the only one left. I guess in every family the youngest has to get used to his brothers and sisters moving away.

And so ends another chapter in the life of Robert Horne. I hope that in the future years I will have better and more interesting things to write about.


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