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  January 19, 2003


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Sunday - January 19, 2003

Global Warming?

Cath and I left the house at 7:30 this morning for a day of hiking in the Cleveland National Forest. We did about 6 miles and were home by 3:30 eating hamburgers. The weather was beautiful with clear skies and spring like temperatures. Actually, the weather is too good and Iím worried about it. When we arrived home, I turned on the TIVO to watch ďSunday MorningĒ on CBS. Their headline story was about global warming and they mentioned some of the drastic temperature changes that have taken place over the last few decades. People in Barrow Alaska are wearing bathing suits and the ice in Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate.

Iím not informed enough to comment on whatís causing this warming but I can definitely see the results in my own neighborhood. Catherine calculated that 25 percent of the trees in the area we hiked were dead from the drought. Big Laguna Lake has dried up and is nothing but a pasture. Iím just hoping that this is the dry end of the normal cyclical fluctuations that the world routinely goes through.

Laguna Lake

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day and the state has given us the day off. I finished the town hall newsletter on Friday so Iím looking forward to spending the day doing some chores for myself. Normal stuff like the laundry or paying bills. You know, the stuff that makes life worth living. God I'm such a sniveler.

I've been recording all the "Star Trek, Next Generation" episodes I can. It seems to be a good series but what the heck is the deal with that Wesley Crusher kid? ;-)

Salton Sea (Way out there)




October 2, 1966 Sunday

Last Friday I got a job as a bus boy at the officers club. I started work a 5 o'clock but none of the other boys were too interested in showing me what to do so I just stood around for a half hour. Finally I found the head boy and he sort of got me squared away.  All the other boys know what their doing and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever learn. The work is terribly hard and I have to admit that the only reason I'll stay is for the money.

Here we go again. Father has information on a flying club that we can join for $100 and have use of planes anytime we want. Since he was a pilot in the navy we're eligible to join the club on the navy base. I could get a pilots license for $35 that would normally cost up to a thousand. I've been putting off mentioning this cause I'm sick of getting all worked up over one of fathers ideas and then have him back out.  This time he sounds more serious and he plans to sign up on the fifteenth of this month. I have the feeling though that this a bit too good to be true and something will go wrong.

Last week Barry had a cold and now my father and I have it. I have all the symptoms of the mumps but the doctor couldn't tell for sure so I go back in ten days.

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