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  January 15, 2003


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Wednesday - January 15, 2003


I recently visited one of those class reunion websites and started looking up some old friends. I guess reading my diary from the sixties was getting me nostalgic for the old days. I was able to find Kirk who I havenít talked to for thirty years. Heís working in L.A. for a Savings & Loan company and weíve been doing some catching up. Heís been showing me how to use one of those instant messaging programs so weíve been typing back and forth while at work. Only on breaks of course. (wink wink) No, really!

Iím not very good at this instant messaging thing. I tend to get ďwrapped around the axelĒ when it comes to spontaneous communication. Iím self conscious about my poor spelling and I take a long time to respond during simple conversations. Actually, I do the same thing when Iím talking to people face to face. I spend a lot of time blathering away; hem hawing around, searching for the perfect word. I know Iím grating on someoneís nerves when they start finishing my sentences for me.

Itís a quiet time at work. The students are still on semester break and the campus is silent and deserted.

I was too shy to ask Tony Gwynn for a photo so I took this instead.



September 22, 1966 Thursday

Iíve been thinking about dinner time at our house and although it seems a stupid subject, I feel itís worth mentioning.

First of all, instead of having a normal family dinner with small talk and such, we sit in the dinning room, eating and listening to the news on TV. Now this isnít too bad but after awhile things gets pretty noisy. When a commercial comes on Barry immediately  starts complaining that the product is all wrong and that he wouldnít buy it if his life depended on it. Next the news comes on and thatís what starts Barry & father fighting. Barry says we should pull out of VietNam and father is all for staying. This leads to other things and the next thing you know everybody's screaming at each other. Once, father got so mad he threw his drink and broke a window. That isnít the thing that disturbs me. Itís the fact that everybody I know is such a pessimist. Not just at the dinner table but all over the world. Everybody is ready to jump on the fact that everything isnít as it should be. Of course things arenít coming up roses but why does everybody enjoy arguing about it so much.


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