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  May 10, 2003


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Saturday - May 10, 2003

This and That

I started my weekend on Friday night by trying to upgrade my computer to USB 2.  USB 2 is the new high speed standard that is supposed to improve communication between computer components.  I donít have any USB 2 devises but what the heck; Iím always looking for an excuse to open the case. I bought an upgrade card from a reliable brand and spent Friday evening dancing to an all too familiar tune. The tune is called ďEasy SetupĒ.  I hardly need to go into detail as most people who use computers know the dance.  My problem is that I canít disable my existing USB 1, which would allow for the new USB 2 to take over.  I screwed with the devise manager and even changed the computer bios settings without success.  I was however, able to back out of the upgrade and restore my original configuration.  They say, ďif it ainít broken, donít fix itĒ and I was pressing my luck this time.

I got up at 5:30 and watched three weeks of saved ďWest WingĒ episodes. I probably should have waited till next weekend so I could see the season ending cliff hanger but instead, Iíll just have to wait along with everyone else to see what happened to the presidentís daughter.  I have my TIVO set to automatically record the show so as long as we donít have any unscheduled news events, I should be able to watch it next weekend.

Spent the rest of the day fixing the kitchen faucet.  Should have been a two hour job. (Another familiar dance)

Yesterday's Mountain Cam




March 10, 1967 - Friday

I was driving around with Bill tonight after the movie and found we were being followed by two girls.  We raced around for a while and then stopped by the side of the road to see what they would do. Their car pulled up but when they realized we weren't who they thought we were they pulled out as fast as they could.

A boy in Coronado has a car just like mine and I'm sure that's who they thought we were.  It didn't bother me at all but for Bill it was a disaster.  He's had quite a bit more experience with this sort of thing and he seems to think himself quite a lady's man.  The trouble with me is if they had been interested in us I probably would have panicked.  I've never been face to face with a girl like that and I wouldn't have known what to do.

It always scares me to go around with Bill because he's always trying to pick up girls.


March 19, 1967 - Sunday

I've started Easter vacation finally however there doesn't seem much to look forward to.  On Friday I did terribly in geometry which kind of puts a damper on things.  I have a whole week to waste now and I'm afraid that's just what I'm going to do.  I spent all day today laying in the sun.

Last night I had two glasses of Champaign which brought on unusual effects.  I've had more to drink than that before but for some reason it really got to me.  I could hardly walk straight.  Anyway don't get worried.  Father was there to make sure I didn't walk off any cliffs.

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