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Wednesday - May 4, 2003

Delay Tactics

Iím a slow worker and I have to take my time to get things right.  The less people yammering at me the better and Iíve noticed that the people who yammer the most, usually get the least done.  At work, those are the people who spend large amounts of time discussing the ins and outs of a project with most emphasis placed on why someone else should be doing the job instead them.  They use delay tactics hoping that some divine force will intercede at the last minute and save them from having to shut up and accomplish something.

Tomorrow I have to step in and finish an important job that one of my workers just couldnít get together.  Heís spent weeks dithering around until it became an emergency and now has to be completed immediately.  For me, the biggest problem wonít be the work.  My challenge will be doing it without getting pissed off and embarrassing myself.


Ranch Oak Taken on Monday before today's rain



March 1, 1967 - Wednesday

Yesterday I got on the subject of genealogy and I started tracing my ancestors.  I haven't learned very much but I am sure I'm not made from any royal blood.  The farthest I've gotten is just prior to the Civil War.  My great grandfather lived in Ireland under the name of O'Horan.  When a potato famine came he was forced to move to the United States where he joined the army and fought in the Civil War.  Being a Catholic he was forced to change his name to Horne to avoid being persecuted.  On my great Grandmother's side things weren't much better.  They're family left Ireland or were rather forced out by the point of guns because they had fought against the Queen.


March 6, 1967 - Monday

I'm worried about the draft lately.  Soon we will go on a new system where more younger kids with no school deferments will be drafted. With no physical disabilities there's nothing to keep me out  so soon as I'm 18 I may find myself in the army.

I have so many things I want to do in life but I'd rather do them when I'm young. If I'm drafted it kind of ruins my chances.

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