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  May 17, 2003


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Saturday - May 17, 2003

Soppy and Mushy

Last week Catherine was cleaning out the fireplace when she came across two double A batteries buried in the ashes. We recycle our batteries so it seemed odd to find them there. They must have somehow gotten mixed up with the paper burnables. A while later she came across a small mass of burned plastic with melted stringy stuff that looked kind of like the remnants of a circuit board. Finally, a little while later, I noticed that the remote to our TIVO was missing.

Itís hard to run a TIVO digital recorder without the remote because the machine requires access to a lot of specialized screens and menus that can only be reached with the remote control. I gotta hand it to the TIVO Company though; they had a new one delivered in three days. I loose my reading glasses about three times a day and from now on the first place I start looking will be the waste basket next to my TV chair.


I was up past twelve watching my new DVD of the old movie "Doctor Zhivago". It was one of my favorites in high school and I had a slight crush on Julie Christie and Geraldine Chaplin. It even inspired me to read the book by Boris Pasternack and it was my introduction to long Russian novels. My favorite character in the movie was played by Rod Steiger and I thought it was great when he said, "Lara, that man is high minded. The kind of man people pretend to look up to but secretly hate."

True to form, many of the critics didnít like the movie and one even described it as "soppy and manipulative and mushy."  For me, itís one of my all time favorites.


Catherine is spending the weekend with her mom and Iím toying with the idea of planting some tomatoes. Prepare for some future entries about gophers. We have so many that our property looks like the surface of the moon.



March 30, 1967 - Friday

I haven't seen a trace of our new neighbors for the past few days and I'm wondering where they are.  The house they took is always being moved in and out of and sometimes the people only stay a month.

I'm the oldest kid in this area and all the other families are very young.  I'm getting pretty sick of all their children running all over the place.  This is one reason why I was so happy someone my own age moved in. Girl or not.

Today I did nothing but work around the house. I also went to the movies with Barry and saw "Patch of Blue".

Kirks parents enrolled him in a private drivers training course and if that doesn't help, nothing will.  I let him drive my car and he's still like a beginner.

I know that in the past few months I've changed a great deal and I'm sorry to say it's not for the better.  I use worse language and I've gotten a general cynical view towards things.  This change hasn't hurt me socially anyway.  I'm getting to know people more my type.  They're really different from my present friends.

The thing is, I don't like what I'm changing into but then again, I don't like all that I was.  I used to be so innocent it was sickening.  Yes I know I'm not a "man of the world" but  it's funny that being cynical is considered the more mature attitude.



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