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  May 22, 2003


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Thursday May 22, 2003

Pet Owners

In the spring of 1967 I got a job as kennel boy for the local Coronado Veterinary Hospital. It was the hardest job Iíve ever had and I worked there off and on for 3 years.  I was still keeping a journal at the time so eventually some of those stories may end up here.  (I know, I Know,  I wrote the darn thing but I donít remember what I put down and Iím not reading ahead until I transcribe it.)

It was an experience Iíll never forget and I still have dreams where Iím back at the vet hospital doing my old chores.  Iím an animal lover and the experience deeply affected my outlook on life.  Unfortunately a lot of the memories arenít what you would call upbeat, as I was usually dealing with pets who were sick and owners who had to make very painful decisions.

When I took the job it was a dream come true and I equated it to an all American clichť; kind of like Jimmy Stewart having a wonderful life working in the malt shop of an all American town.  That image quickly faded when I experienced the realities of  what was, above all, a money making business.

The reason Iím bringing this up is because I donít take pet ownership lightly and Iím thinking of adopting a cat from the local human society.  I havenít made up my mind but if I do go through with it youíll be the first to know.  Iíll try to keep the cat pictures to a minimum.  Some people have pets and some people have pets who are part of the family.  Guess which one I am.  I'm still mourning the loss of Clancy who disappeared in November.

Jeep, still waiting for a water pump





April 3, 1967 - Monday

I was sick today.  I have the flu or something.  Anyway I got lots of sleep during the afternoon so here it is almost 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm wide awake.

Kirk got his license  and I must say I'm surprised.  His parents enrolled him in a private driving school and it really helped him.  He got an 80 on the test. I only got an 81.

Tonight I had religion class however when Bill and I got there they were showing a movie to the whole school.  We went in for a moment but decided to leave and spent the rest of the night at the library.  The teacher didn't even know we left because usually when someone's missing they call your home.

If it hadn't been for Bill I never would have ditched.  I'm going to have to be careful that he doesn't take advantage of me.  I don't want to turn into his stooge.

Bill again said that I could get in with the "in group" If I really wanted to.  I've been thinking a lot about it lately and I really don't know what to do.  I've got to admit that my present friends are weird and in a way I'm ashamed to admit that I have avoided them a bit.  They're nice people but it's getting to the point where I wish I could find someone normal.

As for now I'm going to go along and observe how things go.  I'm not going to change friends yet.  I think I should ponder a bit on what is truly the right thing to do.

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