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Saturday - May 10, 2003

Misfits, Malcontents and Liberal Arts Majors

My best friend has two degrees. A bachelors in English and a B.A. in Art.  For a living he drives a V.W. around the Sacramento area delivering blueprints for an architecture firm.  (You probably thought I was going to say he delivers pizzas.)  He’s actually pretty happy in that he has free time to do what he really wants, which is paint.

We have a lot of similar people working at the SDSU physical plant.  People who prefer to earn a simple living and aren’t driven to fight their way up a corporate ladder.  Greg majored in Psychology; William majored in English, Parnell in Physical Education, Randy in Music and of course I majored in Social Science.  Once during college, an Air Force recruiter called and told me I’d better enlist right away.  He said deferments for Liberal Arts majors were being eliminated because they were basically, in his words, “pretty worthless”. 

These days at SDSU, the hottest major is Business Administration.  Just about every student worker we get intends to go into some form of business management. I’ve had some tell me that on graduation they won’t accept an entry-level salary below 60 grand a year.  I guess I’m out of touch or maybe that Air Force recruiter was right.  On the other hand, the other day I was talking to a guy who was a Systems Analyst major and is also unemployed.  He was lamenting the poor job market and while looking around my office he said, “Who would have ever thought this would be considered a good job”.  I suppose I should have been insulted but I let it slide. Still, I don’t think a liberal arts major would have been so rude.  We’re a polite bunch of under achievers!





April 6, 1967 - Thursday

Today I got a job working for the Coronado Veterinary Hospital.  It seems that the boy who worked there went on the track team and can't keep the job.

I started work today at 3:30 and began learning just what I'll be doing.  Some of it scares me a bit but I think I can catch on.  Some of my duties include moving dogs from one cage to another.  This isn't too difficult however, after you move about ten dogs you have to remember where you got them.

Most of the dogs are pretty gentle but once in a while you get one who likes to bite.  That's another problem I'm a little nervous about.  You have to learn to hold them just right.  I haven't learned yet because I was already bitten today.

I go everyday after school from 3 to 5 and on every other Saturday from 6 am to 5:30 pm.  They call that a split shift with a big break in the middle of the day so you don't go over 8 hrs.

Unlike the "O" club I think I'll like this job and I'll try to do my best.  Beside cleaning cages and giving dog baths I also feed the animals and even assist the doctor when he's doing surgery.  That is, I hold the dog down till it's sedated. Joe, the older man who works on the weekdays, says that the most important rule is to never let the doctor get bit.  I'll have to work hard in school cause with those hours it may be a problem.

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