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Take My Money, Please

Saturday, November 02, 2002

A cool November Saturday and time to catch up on the home chores. Thursday was payday so todayís bill day. I pay my bills electronically over the internet but I still havenít figured out a way to make it fun. Doesnít everyone enjoy paying bills? Since I work for the state, we get paid once a month. Iím told that is quite unusual and most normal people get paid every two week. Whatever the case, at the end of every month, payroll automatically deposits my salary to my checking account. Iíve been trying for years to have my bills paid automatically as well though Iíve only had partial success. Iím talking automatic payroll deduction so I donít have to set aside 2 hours every month to manually go through the ad filled envelopes. It puts me in a bad mood so what the heck people, just take my money and please donít torment me while youíre doing it.

When I came home yesterday I created a cat bed without even trying. Most cat owners know the routine. You spend a lot of time creating the perfect cat bed only to have the critter make a nest on your pile of unpaid bills. When I get home from work, my highest priority is food. Clothes fly everywhere as I head for the refrigerator. Yesterday, the jackets that I had been collecting at work ended up in a heap on the floor and Ė voilŗ - instant cat bed. If I pick up the jackets and replace them with a more permanent bed, heíll never come near the spot again.

Clancy's New Bed


May 14, 1966 Ė Saturday continued

Today I finally got to La Jolla to do some skin diving and I was overjoyed. Comparing La Jolla with Coronado is like comparing a tropical island with the Sahara desert. If you can remember me telling about my skin-diving in Coronado you know it was terrible. Well at La Jolla itís just the opposite. No sooner do you step in the water and you find youíre in another world. There are rocks and fish all over the place. The water was so clear it was miraculous. I could actually float on top and see the bottom 15 feet below me. The water was rather calm so there wasnít the usual fight to get out past the breakers. The colors were magnificent, green, blue red, purple. There were starfish and all sorts of marine life everywhere.

After diving in Coronado I was pretty discouraged. I was beginning to wonder what people saw in skin diving but now I realize. If only La Jolla wasnít so far away. Oh well. Iím moving anyway and father says some houses are available right next to the beach. I hope we can get one.

I hadnít told you but Iíve been interested in marine biology and oceanography all my life and now after La Jolla my interest is steadily growing.

Before we leave Iíll have to give all my fish away but Iíll be able to take my 25 gallon tank with me. If you can buy as much in Japan as they say Iíll soon have another good collection of aquariums and fish.

I was just thinking if skin divingís so good in California I can hardly wait to try it in Hawaii and Samoa this summer.


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