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  Mon. Nov. 4, 2002


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Monday - November 4, 2002


Iíve suffered from migraine headaches my entire life and I can even remember getting them when I was 4 years old. I would usually get the headaches twice a week and I learned to suffer in silence because my friends quickly became sick of my whining. In college, I saw a doctor who misdiagnosed the problem as a sinus infection. He prescribed antihistamines and I spent the next several years walking around in a daze.

Finally in 1986, I happened to be visiting my doctor while experiencing one of the headaches and he hustled me down to an ENT who did some specialized tests. In disgust the ENT specialist informed me that the headaches were ďvascularĒ (Migraines) and he was appalled that it had taken so much time to finally get the diagnosis right. It just seemed so obvious to him.

Since then, with medication, my headaches have decreased to about once per month. People who have never experienced a migraine donít really understand the amount of pain they can cause. I laugh when I see the commercials for migraine strength Excedrin because I know that nothing will ease the pain till the sickness has run its course. (Well, there may be a medication to ease the pain but it ainít Excedrin).

OK, if Iíve elicited enough sympathy from everyone, Iíll just say that Sunday I had a migraine. It wasnít the kick ass kind that makes you throw up and lay in bed with a wet towel over your eyes but just the same, Sunday was shot.

Ah, at least Monday wasnít too bad. The headache was gone and I spent the day eating Halloween candy that one of the guys at work brought in.



May 15, 1966 Sunday

Barry and I were talking earlier this afternoon and he gave me a pretty good idea. First of all we were trying to think what our house was like back in Rhode Island. We soon discovered that it was harder than we expected to remember some of the little details.

Since we'll be moving and gone for probably two or more years I've decided to make a map of our Coronado house. It will be a view looking down with the roof missing.

I've noticed that if you imagine yourself walking through the house with the aid of the map, it's almost as good as being there in real life.

The more I think about yesterdays skin diving the more I want to do it again. I'm going to try to talk Barry into going back next weekend. He's also shown some interest in it.


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