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  Nov 25, 2002


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Monday, November 25, 2002

Hot Processing

Iíve been pushing this computer to its limits. Itís exactly a year old and is still holding its own but I can tell when itís feeling the strain. Computers these days have heat sensing devises that turn on fans when the processor is generating high temperatures. Since Iíve been working on the town hall paperwork, there are times when I have Photoshop, Publisher, Access, Word and Front Page all running at the same time. Throw in an occasional side trip to the internet for email and Iíve got this machine working up a sweat. I know because the backup fan kicks in to cool things down. This accessory fan sounds like a Kenmore vacuum and it makes Clancyís eyes get big and Catherine starts asking, ďWhat the heck is that?Ē (How are men and cats alike? They're both afraid of the vacuum!)

I went for my Ultrasound on Thursday but havenít heard back from the doctor. The technician, who can probably analyze the results better than most doctors, isnít allowed to comment. He didnít run from the room or utter any expletives while doing the test so I guess thatís a good sign.

Iím taking the week off and doing what I enjoy most. That means sitting in my leather sofa working on computer projects with Clancy sleeping at my feet. Add a hot cup of coffee and Iíve got few complaints.

Going to Sheila's (my sister) on Thanksgiving and hoping for rain later this week.


Descanso Town Hall

June 7, Tuesday 1966

Well, June has arrived and itís just like it is every year. It seems that Iím doing bad in every subject. English is the only subject Iím hoping for a grade higher than a C. Spanish I donít like to think about. Iím getting an F now and with 3 more days left I might as well give up. I have a dialogue due Thursday. I know ĺ of it now but even if I do manage to learn it by tomorrow night, I wonít know it well enough. Any other teacher would give you a passing grade if she knew you tried but in Spanish my work doesnít show it and besides Mr. Villar doesnít care whether it hurts you or not.

It seems that every year at this time Iím depressed. How happy can you be happy when schools over and you did crumby in all your subjects.

Things sure are changing fast. Itís now being talked over that before we go to Japan weíll go back east to Pennsylvania & Washington. It would be nice to see all our relatives again and I know it would make grandma feel very good to see us. Iím afraid that when we leave the U.S. this will be the last time weíll see her. Sheís in her 70ís. This will mean mother will go with us on the ship but I really donít mind. Iíve never taken a jet before and Iíd like to see what its like. (Oh brother, my literary talent is wonderful)

Things are moving rather slowly here so we may not get out till July. I want to be here for the North Island carnival so I can have some last fun with my friends.

Father left yesterday for Japan and weíre not sure weather he can make it back for Sheila's wedding or not.

Iíve got to study now.

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