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  Nov. 19, 2002


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Tuesday - November 19, 2002

Aches and Pains

Summer is back in Southern California. Crystal clear skies and temperatures into the 80ís. I used to hate that but as I get older, well let's just say I'm complaining less.

I've spent the last week nursing a bad stomach. Actually, I'm not sure it is my stomach but until I get a sonogram on Thursday, I won't know for sure. Actually that may be asking too much. If things go as usual, I won't even know after the ultrasound. (Sonogram/ultrasound, I assume theyíre the same thing). In my experience it has really been difficult pinning the doctors down on anything. Suggestions they've made so far are; irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, gallstones or ulcer. All I know is that I occasionally get excruciating pain in the upper right side of my abdomen. The type of pain that makes me double over and think about passing out.

 Yadda Yadda. If I turn this into a journal describing my aches and pains I might as well quit right now.

Wish I had something more interesting to write about.



June 2, 1966 Ė Thursday

Thursday is by far my favorite day. I seems like all through my life that nothing ever goes wrong on a Thursday. Besides the week being almost at an end, Thursdays always just seem to come out right.

On Thursday nights if I have time before I go to bed, I turn off all the lights in the room, close the door, switch the radio on to a station with soft music and I sit in the window smoking a pipe. I guess this sounds stupid but it feels good to have a cool breeze blowing around you with soft music in the background. I have a good view from my room and I can see airplanes landing and taking off in the background over Point Loma. When the suns going down itís more beautiful than you can imagine.

The U.S. made a soft landing on the moon last night and everything went perfectly. They had pictures on the TV twenty minutes after the landing. It looks almost like the beach only with craters in the distance. I could see no great mountains that the movies seemed to have thought there were. Itís hard to imagine that since the beginning of time man has wondered whatís on the moon and now we have pictures from the surface.

Mother contacted a lady Tuesday who had been in Japan and just loved it. The trouble is everything she told us gave a terrible impression of Japan. Iíll try to tell you just what she said.

First she planned on going by ship and stopping off in Hawaii for a week or so. It turned out that the ship was non-stop all the way to Japan. Next everyone was sea sick from the moment they boarded till the moment they got off.

Mrs. Nixon, the lady mother talked to, seems to be kind of a kook. She tells us how rotten Japan is then she ends her sentence with, ďOh Polly! Youíre just going to love Japan so much.Ē Mother was sick after she heard everything.

It seems that over in Japan there arenít any toilets and the first thing you notice is the smell. Also the weathers the worst in the world when itís not raining there's a blizzard. If thereís no blizzard thereís a typhoon. During the summer itís so hot you want to jump in the Pacific and stay there all day. Mrs. Nixon quickly ruled out my skin diving when she said too many people went to the bathroom in the water. ďOh but Robby,Ē she said, ďJapan is so beautiful youíll just love it.Ē She can have it. Mother said if itís the way Mrs. Nixon said, she wonít stay for two months. I can probably get used to it though and even if itís like Mrs. Nixon described, it should be interesting. After living in San Diego for five years with its year round summer, it will be good to get back to a place with seasons. Mother never was one for cold weather and it will be twice as hard on her after San Diego.

Mrs. Nixon was only one person and sheís a bit strange. It canít possibly be as bad as she described. I want to be prepared for the worst though.


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