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  September 11, 2004


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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Tanks For Nothing and Your Poles For Free

Weíre currently muddling through the hottest and buggiest days of the season. Iím telling friends and relatives to stay away; itís our worst time of year. Itís been into the 90ís almost every day and I have to time my outside duties to the early morning or late afternoon. Unfortunately, everything I need to do is outside and I get a little antsy sitting around waiting for things to cool down. Thanks to Spike TV and TIVO, Iíve been catching up on all the past Las Vegas CSI episodes. I just discovered the show last month.

Iím currently working on three major projects that are directly related to our new (future) house. Our rural fire district now requires that all new structures have a fire hydrant. By ďfire hydrantĒ they mean that each home owner must provide water storage and a means for fire fighters to draw that water. It means running a 4Ē pipe from our water tank to a spot near the main road and installing a special fitting so they can hook up a hose. They suck that water into their tanker trucks and use it for fighting brush fires. Just a minor detail but last October when everything burned, they refused to come to our area. I've decided to buy a gas powered auxiliary pump and fire hose so next time I can fight my own fire. Get yours at:

Project number two has to do with getting electricity to the new home site. This project has been especially frustrating because of confusion over what SDG&E is responsible for and what Iím required to do. Everyone has a different story. As of today, I have to install my own power pole and electric meter. The hole for the pole has to be 5 feet deep and no more than 100 feet from the main transformer. I have to mount the pole and install the meter and main service breaker. Ever buy a telephone pole? No problem, just drop by your local telephone pole store the next time you go out for groceries. FYI, I found one for $190.

The third project is the most ambitious and is getting the most attention. My neighbor and I have combined forces to have a helicopter set our new water tanks. Ever rent a helicopter? No problem, just stop by your local helicopter store the next time youíre out walking the dog. Weíre currently trying to assemble 6 neighbors to help on the ground when the tanks are placed. Lots of interest but it will be on a weekday and most people will be in town at work. Details, details.

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