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  September 20, 2004


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Monday, September 20, 2004

Useless Facts

Spent time this  week enjoying quality time with my sister, brother and cousin Peggy. As of today, everyone has returned to there respective homes and I'm continuing with the ranch re-build.

Not many changes since I reported last.  The helicopter/water tank drop has been delayed once again while my neighbor works out some easement issues.  The spots where he wants to place his tanks are on a horse trail easement so he has to move the tanks a few yards to the west. Sounds like a small job but he will have to do additional grading and build a retaining wall.  We did receive the bags of gravel that the helicopter will be hoisting up to the job site. Our job will be to stand under the bags and cut open the bottoms so the gravel spills out forming the foundation for the water tanks.  Anybody remember Vic Morrow?

With all this activity, I don't have much "down time" however, occasionally I reach a point where I'm forced to do nothing while I wait for the hot weather to break.  During those times I get a glimpse of what retired life will be like and I'm thinking that I need to develop some outside activities that don't involve re-construction. It's been 8 months since I retired and the only thing I've really noticed is that now I don't have co-workers asking why a 54 year old man would grow a 15" pony tail.  My answer has always been, "Because I can."

Some useless facts about long hair on old guys:

Hair only grows an average 1/2" per month.

Since I let my hair grow, people are much friendlier. I don't know why but now when I go shopping, I often have complete strangers come up and start conversations. (Maybe they think I sell drugs. See below)

People assume guys with long hair smoke dope.

People assume guys with long hair are left wing liberals.

Some people assume guys with long hair are gay. (Actually, long hair is out of style with the gay crowd)

When you're an old guy with long gray hair, people assume you like Willie Nelson.

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