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  April 20, 2003


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Sunday - April 20, 2003

It's Easter Sunday and I'm kind of anxious to get out of the house.  The newsletter and directory are done, except for the inevitable last minute changes and I'm getting a little sick of being tied to this computer.

I've backed off a little on the diet thing.  I'm just not in the mood for a strict diet regimen so I'll try to cut back on some of the more lethal foods.  That would be ice cream and candy.  Bread and crackers are a major stumbling block and coffee is non negotiable.




January 29, 1967 Ė Sunday

Last Thursday I got a job through the school scraping paint off a ladies roof. My mother said the school had talked to her and set the price at $1.25 per hour.  This sounded pretty good so I accepted the job.  I worked two hours after school and when I talked to the lady she surprised me by saying ďWhat ever you think the job is worth Iíll payĒ.  At that point I was at quite a loss for words. After a minute of stuttering and stammering, the price was set at $1 per hour.  I knew Iíd made a mistake but being a stupid kid in these matters, I didnít know what to do.  When I arrived home things really went wrong.  When my parents found out what had happened they nearly went through the roof. For a while they were going to call the school and the lady and raise a big fuss. By the next morning they had cooled off. I told them I had agreed to the price so actually it was my fault.

 I finished the job that night and you can bet Iíll never work for her again.  You can also bet that I learned a lesson.  When it comes to business, donít let good nature take advantage of you.  You have to forget about what the other person will think and demand what you think is right.


Pat told me the other day that one of the C.A.P. officers molested him. He wouldnít tell me any details but it gives me the creeps. Pat actually didnít seem too upset about it and it doesnít look like heís going to say anything to anyone about it. I donít know what to do so I guess I shouldnít say anything. I donít think anyone would believe me and I donít think Pat is lying. Iím starting to hate the whole Civil Air Patrol, military, marching thing. The people seem strange.





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