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  April 4, 2004


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April 4, 2004 - Sunday

Fire, Flood, Wind, Rain

This week it was flood. Because of the burned hills surrounding our property, it doesn't take much rain to cause heavy run-off and creek overflow. King Creek is a small stream that starts on Mount Cuyamaca and runs through our property. When we get a cloud burst it can over flow its banks and wash away roads and cars. Yesterday it overflowed and moved the 4" steel pipes that cross the creek and supply water from our north well. Not a real problem in that I have another source for water, it just means that now I've got some pipe repair added to my list of chores. Of course I had just installed the pipes recently and this is another one of those "one step forward, one back" deals. Nature has really had us jumping this year.


I've mentioned that my wife and I tend to be "tree huggers". Actually, we probably resemble the stereotypical profile quite well. Catherine is the one with the scientific background who can back up her arguments with facts. I'm the emotional one who tends toward knee-jerk, angry responses when dealing with those I consider to be transgressors.

I have no doubt that Rush Limbaugh would regard us to be "poster children" for the cause as we even look the part. Aging hippie types with pony tails living in the back country. Have I mentioned that I'm going for the David Crosby, Willie Nelson look? (I'll save that digression for another time.)

This morning I had to bite my tongue when a family riding "four wheelers" left the road and started overland across our property. Off road vehicles can set you back years when you're trying to promote native growth and under the circumstances, I let them off easy. With out raising my voice or getting red in the face I some how managed to ask them to return to the road.


Catherine & neighbor trying to save the road from yesterdays flood



January 29, 1968 - Monday

These last few weeks have been pretty carefree. My mother went back east and during that time I've been going my own way.

I'm still working quite a bit and believe it or not, I may use some of my savings for a down payment on a house.  Doctor Smith is selling it and he has offered to make special arrangements that would allow someone my age to buy it.

March 7, 1968

Father won't let me buy the house!

Through out my life I have engaged in certain childish interests and hobbies. They included everything from model making to Boy Scouts. In everything I did I got little or no support from my parents. They always seemed more interested in their own activities. If anything, they made me feel inferior. For instance, they cut down everyone associated with my Boy Scout troop. They cut down my friends and their families.  They make everything in the world sound childish and yet, they don't examine themselves.  They have never put themselves out for me unless it will benefit them.  Otherwise it's up to me to take care of myself.

When I told  father that Doctor Smith was making it easy for me to buy a house, all he could say was, "That's just what I'm looking for." At the time all he and mother could talk about was what a good investment it would make for them.  The only one who showed any pleasure about the fact that it might be a good opportunity for me personally was Doctor Malone. He thought it was a great idea.

Whenever my parents gave me encouragement in anyway, they did it in a manner that made me feel it was just for show.  They didn't care what I really did just as long as they made it look like they were filling the basic requirements of being a parent.

This was a chance of a lifetime and they've decided to pretend to be parents and keep me from buying the house.  I'm supposed to concentrate on school!  What a laugh, they don't even know what classes I'm taking.

Now my parents wonder why I don't communicate with them.

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