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  March 28, 2004


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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Pants on Fire

Yep, I managed to set my pants on fire. I was using a gas powered ďcut-off sawĒ to chop up the steel girders that remained on the north side of the property. Itís a large rotary saw with a blade specially designed for cutting metal. A rewarding job in that it completed the final demolition of what was once a large pile of twisted metal.


Sparks! You make a lot of sparks when you cut through steel and thatís how I managed to set my pants on fire. Not a big deal really. It was just enough excitement to keep me from feeling cocky about doing such a large, hard job. It's hard to look dignified when your pants are on fire and youíre dancing around swatting yourself like one of the Three Stooges. An indisputable ďHomer Simpson momentĒ .

All that's left, a burned smudge


Iím still settling into retirement and Iíve been spending a bit of time consolidating and simplifying my finances. Iím a big proponent of using the Internet to pay bills and itís been years since Iíve had to write checks for monthly expenses. Iím now setting accounts up so that my bills are automatically deducted from my checking account. I admit that giving the phone company access to my checking account requires a strong act of faith on my part. Theyíve got to be the biggest weasels when it comes to inserting hidden expenses into statements purposely designed to be confusing. At least now I have more time to decipher their cryptic codes. (When it comes to weasels, rebate companies probably top the list but Iíll save that rant for another time.)



December 24, 1967 - Sunday

Christmas vacation began last Friday and I've been working everyday since. This will include tomorrow as well.  Ho Ho - Merry Christmas.

I told you about the last couple we had at work who were arrested for stealing drugs.  Well they hired a new couple who worked for six days until the husband was arrested for bigamy. He also had a 16 year old daughter and was accused of molesting her.  It's a bit unbelievable but true. These people come to work one day and the next they're being hauled off by the police.  Now Ron and I have to work the entire vacation without any help.

Before the vacation I spent about as much time out of school as in.  I've been able to fake excuses but the office is starting to crack down.

December 28, 1967 - Thursday

I had a pretty exciting Christmas at the vet hospital.  Not real fun, but exciting.  On Christmas Eve, Ron and I climbed over the fence to the Culligan  water service next door.  Every year they sell Christmas trees so we borrowed one that hadn't sold. On Christmas day we dragged it inside to the main room and mounted it in one of the floor drains.  We must have had 60 dogs and cats being boarded so we decorated it with fly swatters,  dog toys and squeaky toys.  When Doctor Malone came in to do his rounds he acted like it wasn't even there. During the next two days we borrowed six more trees and placed them in every room of the hospital but still couldn't get a rise out of Malone. On the third day we gave up and threw the trees into San Diego bay.

Out of a two week vacation, Ron and I have only had two days off.  We're kind of fed up with the place and the Doctors don't seem to appreciate all the work we're doing. They didn't even say Merry Christmas on Christmas day when we had to come in at 5 A.M.

A girl started work at the hospital and according to Bill, she's a lesbian who hangs around with another homosexual at school.  Suddenly Bill seems to be a big expert on all the sexual behavior going on at school.  According to him, two teachers are queer along with quite a number of students. I know a lot of the students quite well and this news has kind of shocked me.

In general, along with having to work during vacations, no time off since last Easter, a bunch of my co-workers dragged off to jail for drugs and bigamy, now Bill tells me half my friends are queer. The world doesn't seem to be the place I thought and I've become pretty disgusted. I feel alone more than ever and I get the idea that I don't know what's going on around me.

P.S. My grandmother fell and broke her hip again. My mother is flying out next Saturday..

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