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  August 2, 2003


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August 3, 2003 - Sunday

I dabble in a lot of different things. A jack of all trades, master of none. My interests are eclectic, which leads to hobby overload with out enough hours in the day to accomplish all my time passing entertainment chores. Things like having a job, paying bills and doing the laundry really interfere with my preferred pass times.

Iím currently exploring amateur radio (HAM) and Iíve been fooling around with erecting an antenna and studying for the technicianís license. I suspect that HAM radio is a hobby that's on the decline but what the heck, I'm a late bloomer.  With that activity monopolizing my time, my other interests are taking a back seat. Those other things being, gardening, website management, motorcycle riding, music, computer upgrades, exploring Zen Buddhism, journal writing, Town Hall newsletter management, hiking, photography Ö. In a few weeks Catherine and I will be backpacking up Bubbís Creek in Sequoia and I really should be preparing for that but I just canít seem to break away from the other stuff. Whatís a vacation without waiting till the last minute to stress over preparations?

Anyhow, if anyone would like to join two elderly over weight backpackers and hike up a mountain pass in Sequoia, drop me a line. Iíll send you the detailed instructions. For an idea of what it will be like, see my description of last yearís hike here.

And now I must move on to that pile of bills waiting to be paid.



June 28, 1967 - Wednesday

I'm getting to know Ron a lot better.  He's the other boy at work.  We get along a lot better and it makes the job a lot easier. Besides that nothing else has happened.

June 30, 1967 Friday

Today I finally got paid.  For all my lost sleep I got 70 dollars (for 2 weeks).  I've been giving it a great deal of thought and I've decided that this is a tremendous opportunity to start rolling in the doe so I'm going to take every opportunity I can at work. I guess I can give up a little sleep.

I hope at the end of the summer if I have enough money I can spend it without any restrictions.  I really want a car and not a cheap one either (for me, over $400 is expensive.)


Yesterday's short walk on Laguna Mountain

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