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  December 19, 2002


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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Frozen Hose

It got down to 25 degrees last night.  When temperatures get that low we canít count on having running water in the morning.  It usually takes until around 10 a.m. before the pipes thaw out and the water flows. Itís not a major inconvenience unless one of the frozen pipes bursts, giving me some extra work. I have most of our exposed pipes insulated but when the temperature drops down to the 20 degree area, even the insulation canít be relied upon.

Our last storm provided a welcome 3.5 inches of rain but the ground is so dry the water was immediately soaked up. We need at least 3 days of steady rain to saturate the area and provide enough run-off to start filling ponds. Just about every pond in the county is dry and it would be nice to get them full for the summer fire season. Hoping for rain tonight.

Cath with frozen Hose


Being a techno geek, Iím always up for new electronic toys. My latest purchase is a new radio scanner so I can listen to all the drama taking place on the backcountry air waves. Our property is butted up to the Cleveland National Forest so Iíve been listening to the Park Rangers discussing chores over their two way radios. I have the privileged of knowing that all the park restrooms are cleaned and sanitized for the day.

Actually, monitoring the public service frequencies isnít a bad idea when you live in the boondocks. My old scanner was surprisingly informative during brush fire season. We could listen in on the communications with the aircraft dropping fire retardant. The worst news we ever heard on the scanner was when the sheriffís helicopter was landing at the property next to ours. Actually it was the communication from the officers on the ground telling it to return to base. They had requested it to evacuate Cindy Passek for a medical emergency but she past away before it could arrive. She had just been released from the hospital after routine surgery when she suffered complications related to internal bleeding. Not one of the better days in our valley.



July 31, 1966 Sunday

Nothings been going on but the summers almost over and I want to give you an idea of what an average day is like.

First of all today is Sunday so I went to church but besides that the day was just like any other. Mother and I got home from church at 10:00 and father who had gone earlier had breakfast all ready. Breakfast at our house is quite different from normal families. We had barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs out on the patio. After breakfast I straightened up my room. Iíve been planning a camp out next week so Iíve had to mess up my room looking for camping equipment. After my room I went to the beach to meet Kirk. I couldnít find him so I picked out a spot that wasnít crowded and settled down. The water was the best Iíve seen all summer. The water was 70 degrees and the surf was perfect for body surfing.. I stayed for about an hour and then returned home. Kirk and I went to the movies after dinner. It was ďThe Trouble with AngelsĒ and I thought it was real good. It was about two girls in a catholic boarding school. The fun they had almost makes high school look good. I got home by about nine o'clock and I found my mother asleep and my father working in the back. This gave me the perfect opportunity to drive the car. With no insurance I have to jump at every chance I can get to drive without letting anybody know. Iím not a reckless driver but itís nice to be able to drive without having to be as careful as usual. Itís now 11:30 and this ends another day.

I got my schedule for next year in school and hereís how it goes. The first period I have Geometry which Iím told is easier that Algebra. Since I do pretty good in algebra I should do ok in geometry. Second period I have biology. I had a hard time getting it and since Iím so interested in the subject I should do pretty good. Third period is English 3A an advanced group. I got it because of the B in English 2 but Iím still afraid it might be too much work. Forth period I have typing 2. This will be the only simple subject I have this year. Kirk got an A in it so I should do good also. Filth period is gym just like last year. Kirks in the same class so we should have a lot of fun. Sixth period is U.S. history. Iím not too sure about this class but I know it has a lot of homework and itís about time I got some work to do. Although I have harder subjects than last year I should do better. Iím more interested this year and if I get good teachers I should make out all right.

Noel and I are planning a camp out next weekend. Iím looking forward to it because after all it will be the only time I can get out of Coronado.


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