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  December 28, 2002


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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Next Generation

Grace, Catherine’s mom, is 86. She’s in failing health though still alert and living alone at home. She’s at that point when living by her self is not a wise idea and today the family hired Marygold to provide support three days a week. Marygold will be preparing meals, doing light housework and keeping Grace company. Grace of course hates the whole idea and only agreed after being faced with the prospect of having to move in with Jane. Jane lives in San Francisco but Grace wants to stay in the family house in Glendale.

It’s been a tense family gathering this Christmas while these arrangements were made. Tempers have flared and feelings hurt. At some point Grace stopped being the parent and the children had to take over and make some important decisions. Grace has 4 children and all have different ideas on how things should be handled.

So far, I’ve stayed in the background and out of the fray. My only role has been to give Catherine moral support and occasionally do the dishes.

I took Jonnie, my niece, to see the Star Trek movie yesterday. Jonnie is a “Star Trek enthusiast” and it was fun to be with someone who actually knows what the whole thing is about. I tried to raise my status by mentioning that I was old enough to remember watching the original TV series but Jonnie was unimpressed. When the “Next Generation” series was being broadcast, I had just moved to the boondocks and was going for 10 years without TV. By the time we finally got a satellite dish, the show was retired and I’ve only seen a few reruns. Right now I’m still trying to catch up on “Northern Exposure” reruns. Man, what a great show that was.

My favorite current shows are "ER" and "David Letterman".

Tomorrow I get to help decorate the "Guide Dogs of America" float for the Rose Parade.  I'm just hoping I don't have a gallbladder attack and I'll try to get some "behind the scenes" photos.  Jane is active with that organization and I tried to talk her into letting me drive the thing.  No luck.





Since I'm in Glendale without access to my old diary, this project will have to go on hold for a few days.

Actually, this old diary thing has been really difficult for me. I'm not having any "profound revelations" and my biggest impulse has been to reach back through time and slap that kid around. (And I haven't even gotten to the hippie years yet). "Groan"

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