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  February 14, 2003


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Friday February 14, 2003

Computer Hero

If you own a pickup truck, chances are you will eventually be drafted to help friends move. Similarly, if you surf the net (and talk about it), the computer novices around you will promote you to Internet guru status and ask you to solve all their connection problems. For me, solving computer problems has always been a hit or miss exercise. My secret to success is stubbornness and the refusal to quit when all logical solutions are exhausted. When working on a friends computer my biggest fear is that I will screw things up and make matters worse. ďFirst thing, do no damage.Ē

A few years ago I decided to take my enthusiasm for computers to a higher level and enrolled in a electronics, computer repair class.  It was a useful class and I learned a lot. One thing I learned was that I wasnít going to quit my job and become a computer repair man. I wasn't that good and they really donít get paid much. Another thing I learned is to be wary of the guys who seem to have all the answers. Those are the  guys who talk a lot, get into your machine, erase all your important data then  try to blame it on you. The best technicians were the ones who admitted that  trial and error is a big part of the job even after getting the training. They knew how to swap out parts without frying important components and they did it without electrocuting themselves.

Today I was lucky and got to  be a computer hero.  The selfish part of me wanted to go straight home and take a nap but the vain side wanted to be a hero and solve a problem no one else could unravel. It was a simple problem along the lines of finding the computer unplugged but I'll still take all the accolades I can get.

Today I was fooling around with one of those digital web cams a lot of people use. Boy that novelty wears off fast. David Letterman does a comedy routine about old guys who wear big glasses. Mine are just as huge as Larry King's  and he makes the Letterman list every time.

Web Cam

We finally got some rain in Southern California this week. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to get the streams flowing so the drought is still on.


Nov 14, 1966 - Monday


I really had a dull weekend. I went to two movies which I had seen before and the rest of the time I just loafed around. As long as the weekends are like that I might as well be working. I guess Iíll keep the job at the ďOĒ club after all. Sometimes itís interesting and I know Iíll look back on it with pleasant memories.

Just to get you out of the dark Iíll give you an example of what I do there.

Normally I arrive at about 6 or 6:30. The first thing I do is put on my uniform. Itís a white suit that looks something like the uniforms doctors wear. I have to try at least two pairs because I have a heck of a time finding the right size. After this I go to the section I work in for the night and take care of any work that is needed. This is where I have trouble. The other bus boys seem to know exactly what to do but I go around with my finger in my ear trying to find work. After this I usually go to dinner in the workers mess. After dinner I go back to my section and do the work I can never find. Gradually people start coming in and this is when I really go to work. The main job of a bus boy is to clear empty plates and fill up water glasses. This is a bigger job than it sounds. On a fairly busy night weíre kept running from 7 to 12.

After everybody leaves, which takes for ever, the boys get together and divide the tips up. Usually by quarter to 1 Iím on my way home.

Iíve been kind of worried lately that Iím getting too lazy. I canít seem to get down to my homework and stick with it. Iím the kind of guy that can get waylaid very easily. When I do sit down and get my work done I have the feeling that I havenít accomplished all that I should have.

During the last year the U.S. has had a variety of mass murders. The thing that makes me nervous is that the people that committed them were described as being shy, lone wolves. I hope I donít break down and start killing people because those are all my characteristics.

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