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  February 16, 2003


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Sunday -  February 16, 2003

This & That

Itís been a quiet weekend so far. Iíve been trying to get caught up on the next town hall newsletter but itís hard when the information I get is so sparse and sketchy. Jerry Barber, the zealous town hall president, has been nagging me to attend the town hall meetings but Iíve been resistant. Theyíre only once a month but itís really hard for me to drive back into town for a 7:30 meeting on a work night. My day starts at 4 a.m. and by 7:30 p.m. Iím thinking about sleep. Another reason I donít attend is that Iím trying not to get sucked into doing more jobs. I guess thatís a bad attitude but I have a problem saying no and the existing town hall officers are always looking for new volunteers.

It was a wet week and for the first time in two years I can hear frogs croaking around the property. Iím not sure where these frogs go during the dry times but itís good to have them back. The creek is still dry and if things donít get flowing soon, Iím afraid their stay will be a short one. We moved to the country to experience wild life but with the drought, most of the interesting animals are staying at the wetter, higher elevations.

Iíve really been in the mood for a good movie. Iíve kind of lost touch with whatís happening on the Hollywood scene and I donít recognize most of the popular actors these days. I guess my tastes lean toward escapist movies but even those havenít drawn my attention. The last movie I liked was ďSignsĒ and boy did I take a lot of heat for recommending that!  Ok, ok , the plot was full of holes but I liked it anyway. Lately Iíve been trying to watch Ebert & Roeper to get a hint of whatís happening at the movies. Interestingly enough, Ebert had ďSignsĒ on his top ten list for 2002. Hmmm. Michael of bunt sign  also sparked my interest in the movie "About Schmidt" so Iíll be looking forward to seeing that when I get the chance. Old Jack has come a long way since ďEasy RiderĒ.




Nov 17, 1966 - Thursday

Tonight I had a Civil Air Patrol meeting. This is the organization that teaches flying instructions. This is how I plan to get most of my training for a pilotís license. The C.A.P. is a very militaristic unit so Iím going to get a lot of training in marching and various military training. The main goal of the C.A,P. is to teach leadership and to interest people in the Air Force.

Our meetings have been every Thursday night from 7 to 9. Somehow the commanding officer was looking over the applications of the cadets and I was chosen to be a flight leader. I only have two other cadets higher than me so I have to be able to take charge and be a general good leader. This is hard for me but I think Iíll enjoy it.

One of the things that is required of me and the other cadets is that we memorize certain things. Iím not sure of the purpose but they do the same thing in the Air Force Academy. For example an officer will walk up to one of us and ask us to give him ďthe how of the cow.Ē The person he asks immediately recites this little poem as fast as he can, ďSir, the cow. She walks, she talks, she full of caulk, the lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is highly prolific to the nth degree. Sir!Ē If the poor cadet canít recite this, he ends up doing push ups or reporting to telephone poles all day.

One thing that Iím really looking forward to is the survival school weíll go through. Iíve always wanted to learn how to live off the land.

After the meeting I was taking a bunch of the guys home and since many were in the same history class we decided to pay our teacher a visit. The teacher wants us to learn the Star Spangled Banner so we drove up in front of his house and sung as loud as we could, the first verse. I then sped off honking the horn. I donít know what reaction this brought but tomorrow I should find out.

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