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Saturday February 8, 2003

Gourmet Cooking

[Sat 2 A.M.]

Insomnia? Naw, I just ate too much and now Iím suffering the consequences. Iím still getting used to being without a gallbladder and Iím doing a bit of experimentation with my diet to see what I can get away with. After stopping by the grocery store on the way home from work I got a little carried away with the chocolate chip and Oreo cookies. They were calling my name and I couldnít resist. Itís now 2 A.M. and Iím wide-awake with a chocolate buzz and a gurgling stomach. Who would have thought that the gallbladder was so important for processing chocolate chips?

Thereís something about being awake at this hour that summons up rueful memories. Recollections and regrets from long ago circle in my mind and never get resolved. Ray Bradbury wrote about this phenomenon in his book SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. The hours between midnight and dawn have a hypnotic effect that puts a spin on memories, giving them a nightmarish quality. Or was it the Oreos?

At any rate, Iím wide-awake and my brain is processing information at an alarming rate. Iím not sure if the emotions that accompany this process are real or distorted though, after the sun comes up, the passion will seem less intense and Iíll be able to sleep.

[Sat 11 P.M.]

Catherine found a crock pot  that we got for our wedding about 15 years ago. It's never been used and seems to work fine.  I've never been enthusiastic about cooking and my interest is only to keep things simple and produce as few dirty dishes as possible. This may just do the trick. Last month I purchased a rice cooker but today I decided to move on to the advanced features offered by this high tech devise.

Basically, you cut up food, throw it in the pot with a little water and return 10 hours later for a gourmet meal. Tonight I'm experimenting with a chili concoction that should be ready by tomorrow morning.  I did have to soak the pinto beans first but what the heck, in advanced cooking you have to push the envelope.

The afternoon backyard view



Nov 8 & Nov 11, 1966


November 8, 1966 Tuesday

Today is election day for California and everybody seems sure that Ronald Reagan will win for governor. I donít really care either way. All the TV programs are off anyway so Iíve been forced to do more homework than usual and I find myself now with nothing to do.

Iíve noticed that one of my problems is that I canít seem to get enthusiastic about anything. Things interest me but I just canít seem to work up real enthusiasm. If I had real enthusiasm Iíd put down more of my activities in my notes.

Today Iím in another mood. I canít seem to find any goals in life. Thereís nothing to look forward to.

November 11, 1966 Friday

Today is veterans day so thereís no school. Iíve just been sitting around all day doing nothing enjoying it and tonight Iím going to the movies. Itís called ďCome Blow Your HornĒ, and itís all about bachelor apartments and stuff.

Another good thing is I donít have to work this weekend. I donít know why but hardly any of the boys are working. I still canít decide whether to quit or not. I donít do much on my weekends but I hate to loose them.

Ronald Reagan won the election so we have a new governor. I didn't really care who won.

We had another Gemini space shot today. The last of the series. Next they start the Apollo project.

P.S. Iím trying to improve my handwriting so Iím going to be experimenting for a while.

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