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  February 21, 2003


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Friday -  February 21, 2003


Histrionics & melodramatics annoy me, especially when Iím the one doing it. When I see other people doing it they remind me of myself and I get uncomfortable. I make a mental note to try and remember to tone down the hyperbole the next time Iím discussing something that has my juices flowing. If something has me upset, I tend to become emotional and ďgild the lilyĒ to try and make my point. Itís counter productive and starts people questioning your credibility.

We get a lot of hyperbole at work, especially when the unions are involved. One of my coworkers came in the office today to complain about management's new edict requiring everyone in the physical plant to wear steel toed boots. The physical plant will pay for them but we will be required to wear them. Years ago the union complained when management didnít provide boots and now theyíre complaining because management does. The union quote that got me thinking about this subject was, ďKeep managements hobnailed boots off the neck of the workers!Ē  Gee, to me, that seems to overstate the issue just a little. What are they going to say when they want to make a point about something that is really important.

Descanso Sweetwater Bridge

My take on the current ďSurvivorĒ show.

I think people have noticed that ďflying under the radarĒ is a successful technique for getting ahead in that competition. On the womenís team however, everyone seems so hesitant to take charge that very little has gotten accomplished. Theyíre still sleeping in the rain!  It seems to be human nature to resent the boss but sometimes you need someone to get the roof built.

And the guys. Well, at least they werenít quite as embarrassing as on the first episode. Itís hard to tell exactly whatís happening because the producers manipulate the final product for purposes of entertainment. I gotta remember, this isnít a PBS documentary.






Nov 24, 1966 - Thursday

Today is Thanksgiving so I have two days off from school. I started today off by watching the parades on T.V. and then I went over to Kirks to play some football. I spent the rest of the day at home and at 4:30 we had a real nice turkey. (Whoopee)

I havenít brought up this subject much before but with the lack of things to say, I decided to discuss it.

As I have said, Iím not the type of person who goes on dates or to any dances, in fact, Iíve never been on a date and Iíve only gone to about 2 dances when I was in the fourth grade. For a junior in high school this is pretty bad. I donít know what it is but girls scare me to death and if I got caught in the situation of being with one alone, I donít know what Iíd do. I have trouble talking to other boys in my class, how do I think Iíd do with a girl?

As far as my looks go, I donít think Iím ugly but the most important thing is a good personality and thatís where I loose a few points.

I think that a girl could like me once she got to know me but a girl expects the boy to start the ball rolling and I can never do that.

What Iíd like to do is just let fate work things out, but the way things are going that could take years. Iíve got to do something but I donít know what.

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