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  February 7, 2003


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Friday February 7, 2003

Publicly Speaking

Don Knots used to do a comedy bit about a public speaker who was so nervous, his hands shook to the point where his notes launched into the air and blew away in the breeze. Thatís the kind of speaker I am. I lack confidence, my voice quavers and my knees shake. Iíd rather sky dive without a parachute than give a speech. Itís a common phobia and fear of public speaking is usually at the top of the list of things people dread. (Yes, Iíve heard about Toastmasters)

One of my job duties deals with the installation and maintenance of a semi-sophisticated devise that monitors weather, then networks with a computer in my shop. The device automatically adjusts irrigation times all over campus based on the data we get from the weather station. (Yada Yada, insert sales pitch here)

My problem is that the device is just unique enough to draw attention from the media and other institutions that are looking to conserve water. At least once a year I end up having to explain to small groups of people how the device works. So far Iíve survived the ordeal because Iíve been able to keep the presentations casual and I make sure that Iím outside on location when doing my ďShow & TellĒ. If it ever rains and I have go through this indoors at a podium, Iíll be in trouble.

Anyway, today I got to do my show for a nice group of people from a small University in Utah. Mostly, they were on a field trip to San Diego, paid for by their employer. The stop at our campus was todayís obligatory work related function before they headed to the zoo or beach. Always eager to please, I kept it short then directed them to the bus stop.

Scripps Pond - SDSU



October 30, 1966 Monday


The trip to Disneyland was as it always is every year I go. We got on the bus at North Island and by 8 o'clock we were at Disneyland.

Itís really a wonderful place. Itís not just an amusement park. There arenít any cheap penny arcades out to get your money. Walt Disney has really gone all out to make Disneyland the happiest place on earth. Disneyland has made it possible to do things weíll probably never have a chance to do in our life. You can take a jungle safari, ride bobsleds, take a submarine cruse and you can even fly to the moon.

Today we went off daylight savings time. Itís going to take getting used to seeing it get dark at five o'clock instead of six. I look forward to these changes though because it breaks the monotony. Itís the only change we have around here and I like it.

Tonight the kids are coming around for Halloween although tomorrow is the real night. Kids nowadays are so impatient they canít even wait one day. Iím guilty too though because I did the same thing when I was a kid.

Anyway, only about 3 groups of kids came so tomorrow night there should be more. It makes me sick when I see kids older than me trick-or-treating.

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