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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Placebo Effect

Today was to be my fist day back at work since Dec 13. but at 3:00 am I was awakened by the unmistakable sensation of an oncoming gallbladder attack. Gallbladder attacks are interesting in that they can come on fast, cause excruciating pain and then go away quickly. Iíve had them last a few minutes or, in some cases, hang on for up to three hours. My surgery is scheduled for Jan 21 but the doctor didnít give any suggestions on what I should do if I suffered an attack before then. Generally, gallbladder attacks are not considered life threatening so I assumed that I was to just bear the pain till it subsided and count the days till the operation.

This morning I decided to gamble that this would be a short episode so I headed to work with the expectation that I would feel better along the way. Forty five minutes later the pain was reaching that agonizing level where you feel like throwing up and passing out. I passed my exit and headed for the hospital instead. At one point I emptied the contents of my backpack onto the car floor thinking that it might be needed as an air sick bag. (It wasnít.)

Twenty minutes later, while laying in the emergency room with a tube stuck in my hand, the pain simply went away. It just stopped. One minute Iím laying there sick as a dog and the next minute, I feel great. No medication was used, it just stopped hurting and I was left feeling foolish while trying to explain to the medical personnel that, ďIím all better now.Ē Of course theyíve seen this kind of thing before so this time before I left, they prescribed something called ĎRobinulí to be used in case of future attacks. I was feeling pretty good about that until a lady at the pharmacy started describing her gallbladder experiences and told me that Robinul didnít do a thing to ease her pain. Thanks lady, now I wonít even get the placebo effect when I take it.

I noticed this guy on the way home. He's a few weeks old.




August 26, 1966 Friday

Last night I babysat for the Jepsonís. They have a little boy named Skipper and he really brings back memories of when I was real young. Heís only two years old so I have to change diapers and give him a bath. I donít mind so much because I need the money very badly.

I got my permanent license today and the picture is really terrible. I also bought a jug of cider. I plan on saving it for special occasions.

Today Iíve been trying to figure out just what makes a teenager a delinquent. About a year ago I would have considered myself as an above average teenager as far as morality goes. Lately Iíve discovered that Iíve been doing things that before I would have considered wrong. For example, I used to think goofing off in the car was bad. Now I find myself tearing around with Bill, acting like a number one rowdy. Although we havenít done anything real dangerous, I must say that if the police caught us weíd be the owners of a few tickets.

After thinking it over Iíve found just what makes me different from the really bad teenager. Some teenagers think that cigarette smoking makes them real tough and mature. Their parents wonít let them smoke so they have to find sneaky ways to get a drag. I realize that cigarette smoking is bad for you and that it just shows how immature you are. I have a pipe and beside the fact that pipe smoking isnít bad for you I have my parents consent. Pipe smoking isnít just for the pleasure of the smoke, thereís a science to the art of packing and caring of a pipe. I consider it more of a hobby.

Another thing that some teenagers do is drink until they get plastered. Iíll admit that Iíve had a drink or two occasionally but I never got any pleasure out of it and I donít plan on continuing.

Once when I was messing around with a friend I happened to break a window across the street. I gave the people my address and later on I paid for the window. When a boy at school heard about it he thought I was crazy for ever paying. The things is, whenever I do something like that I get a proud feeling and I always know Iím better than what that boy will ever be.

This morning I made a dollar with Bill cutting a mans lawn. He seems to like our work and he wants us to take care of his house while heís away this winter.


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