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  January 5, 2003


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Sunday, January 5, 2003


It's been a quiet weekend and I'm spending my time catching up on town hall business and managing the mailing list for a tree hugger organization I help out. We have about 1300 addresses on our e-mail list and when we send out a newsletter, I use a special bulk e-mail program to get the job done. Our e-mail addresses are legitimate subscribers but the mailing program is the type used by spam businesses that send out those annoying unsolicited e-mails. Itís been an education learning the program but disappointing to see just how easy it is to send untraceable email. I get over a hundred spams a day and I now see itís never going to stop. On the other hand, it sure is comforting to know that Iíve been selected for a free personalized weight loss kit from Instatrim. Itís just what I need before I contact all those ďHot Russian BabesĒ that are waiting for my call. Iíll use the free cell phone I get after I save $1,000 while getting my free refinance quote from  .




September 4, 1966 - Sunday

Kirk took his drivers test last Thursday and didnít get past the first part. The thing that surprised me was how calmly he took it. It didnít seem to bother him at all. One of my problems is Iím afraid to try anything because Iím afraid of failing. If I was a little more like Kirk Iíd be much more successful. Iíve made a resolution for this year in school. Iím going to take part in activities and clubs. I want my high school years to be more than just learning. Before, I was afraid to join anything. I was afraid of meeting people and drawing attention to myself. I think Iíve learned that itís about time that I let the real me out. If I donít stop hiding Iíll never amount to anything. Iíve got to search for opportunities, not wait for them to jump out at me.

Barry came home Friday and things are really back to normal. It seems like Iím in a real family again.

On Friday I went to the airport with Noel. Barry came in a 8:46 and he really looked different. Mainly because he normally has long hair and now itís cut off.

We had planned on going out on the town but Barry's luggage didnít come in till 3 hours later. There was nothing left of the night so we just went home.

He hated his work but he got on a few fires and at least heíll have something exciting to remember. Barry worked for the government fire fighters but next year he hopes to work for the state. They hire at 17 so Iím going to apply.

School starts in a week but as usual I donít mind too much. After a boring summer anything is good. It seems that at the beginning of every school year, Iím anxious to start. I know I wonít like it but I get so curious to see what the year will be like.

This week Kirk and I are planning on doing a lot. This means Iíll spend some of the money Iíve been earning all year. Weíre going to see ďThe Sound of MusicĒ again and Iím really looking forward to it.

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