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  January 12, 2003


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Sunday, January 12, 2003


Another fast weekend, gone before I knew it. Catherine is in Glendale trying to help her mom and I stayed home to finish the town hall newsletter. The newsletter is done except for the inevitable last minute changes that will come up this week when I don’t have time to work on it. I did manage to watch the movie “Signs” with Mel Gibson and heartily recommend it. I was also able to work in a Geocache while I was delivering some town hall paperwork.

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt type of game that has developed during the last couple of years. Basically, a bunch of computer nerds like myself, hide small boxes of trinkets, post the coordinates on the internet and other players use those coordinates along with a GPS devise to try and find the treasure. When you find the box you sign a log, trade one of the trinkets for something of equal value and then replace the box so someone else can find it. The game has all the elements that someone like myself can enjoy. It combines computers, electronic gizmos and the outdoors. It’s good exercise and a fun excuse to get out of the house.

On Saturday, I visited the geocaching website and noticed a new geocache barely a mile from the town hall. Aubrey, a six year old little girl, (with the help of her dad) had hidden one of the treasures close by so I grabbed my GPS and hit the road. It was probably only a 15 minute walk after I reached the area but a fun side trip just the same.

Aubrey's Cache



September 19, 1966 Monday

I started religion class tonight. This is the class where I go every Monday night and learn all about the catholic religion. The teacher seems great. He knows how to keep the attention of the class without being strict.

It started at 7:30 so Pat and I took the car and got there a bit early. Tonight was only registration so at about 10 to 8 we were supposed to go over to the church. The thing is that the teachers never go over with you so half the kids wander off before they get there. Anyway the teacher dismissed us and there was a big rush for the door. On the way down the hall I noticed a back door so the minute I headed for it a half dozen other boys scrambled before me. We crashed out the door and everybody headed in different directions. Pat and I headed for the car and somehow Bill came along too. We all jumped in the car as fast as we could and of course I couldn’t get the key in the ignition. We had to get out of the area fast before a teacher saw us. The confusion was terrible. Everybody was talking at once and I was fumbling around trying to get the car started. I finally got it going, after turning on the windshield wipers instead of the headlight and we took off. It really seemed funny because it all took place in just a few minutes and the total confusion was hilarious.

We still had thirty minutes until we could go home so we had to bum around town and goof off for the rest of the time. The reason I mention this is because I always read about teenagers who goof off and get into trouble. The thing is I never thought I’d be one of them.

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