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  January 7, 2003


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Tuesday, January 7,  2003

Secret Tunnel of the Aztecs

Working for the campus Physical Plant gives me access to some out of the way spots that the average person doesnít visit. Hang some keys from your belt, carry a two way radio and you can pretty much go anywhere you like without getting a second glance

Back in the late 60ís, before I transferred to SFSU, I was a student at San Diego State. At the time there were rumors about a secret tunnel where people would travel to a hidden ďover the rainbowĒ type world. (Ok, it was the place kids went to smoke pot.) The tunnel does exist though itís actually a 12í wide culvert that allows Alvarado Creek to flow under the freeway. The tunnel is several hundred feet long and has a ledge along the side that acts as a sidewalk. The walls are painted with 30 years worth of graffiti and some of the art work is surprisingly good. For the most part, the tunnel has been forgotten and because of construction years ago, the entrance is almost inaccessible and hidden from view. When you pass to the other side you enter a ďsecret gardenĒ like setting complete with waterfall, palm trees and shade giving sycamores. Students these days donít seem to be looking for hiding places to smoke pot so occasionally I travel to the other side and have my lunch in a quiet setting. Donít tell anyone. Itís a secret.




September 18, 1966 Sunday

Sorry I havenít written but itís been a very busy week. Monday was half day and I got my schedule all worked out. The only change is instead of typing II Iím taking music appreciation. This is really going to be a hard year. I have 4 solids and I should spend about an hour on each every night.

I have Geometry  first period. Right away the teacher gave us homework so I know its going to be a rough year. We had a test Friday and I think I did ok compared to the other kids. Second period I have biology. Itís an interesting class and I should do ok. I signed up to learn how to run the projector so on Fridays Iíll get to run the bio movies.

Third period is English and guess what? I got Mr Clark, the same teacher I had last year. I was pretty worried about English but now it should be all right.

Forth period is music appreciation. We donít have a steady teacher and one day we didnít have a teacher at all. Itís a pretty boring subject and the only reason I changed to it was because I was the only boy in the typing class.

Barry bought a car today and I sure wish I could. The thing is, whenever I need the station wagon for something, mother wonít let me take it. But when she needs something right away she sends me out to get it. They say itís because I donít have insurance but Iíll never get insurance cause they need the excuse to keep me from driving. Having a car wouldnít be so bad so maybe Iíll buy one anyway.

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