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July 11, 2003 - Friday


Catherine is visiting her mother this weekend so I'm left to survive on my own.  Actually it's a big responsibility.  We like to let our birds (two peafowl and a hen) run free on the weekend but that doesn't mean they don't need supervision.  These are Catherine's pets and I don't want them getting lost or eaten on my watch.  We have coyotes that come on the property and a bobcat  has been seen circling the hen house during the middle of the day.  A couple of years ago a rooster disappeared and all I heard was a bit of squawking from the other birds.  By the time I made it outside all that was left were a few feathers.  I have no idea what got it but what ever it was, did it quickly.

The temperature got to 103 yesterday so I expect I'll be staying inside during the next two days.  I'll be listening to a new Annie Lennox album, and an older Loreena McKennitt album that I just picked up.  If I can make the time I'll also be watching the DVD "Gangs of New York".


Today's visitor to my office


Art is another old timer at the Physical Plant.  He and his wife raised six kids and sent them all to college. On our salaries that's a big accomplishment.



June 13, 1967 - Tues

Today I had finals in English and Music Appreciation. Nothing really hard.  Tomorrow is my history final. It's one of the rough ones but I just don't have the energy to study.  It's funny but after working all year, now when the final comes, I just don't care.

I don't think I've mentioned my music appreciation class and it's pretty funny.

They had to bring in a second grade teacher cause the original quit at the beginning of the year.  Mrs. Woodhouse loves operas and although she keeps telling us we're going to study different types of music, here it is the end of the year and we're still doing them.

The kids generally give her a rough time.  I was nearly kicked out of the class for playing poker with a girl in the back of the room during one of her movies.

Although I complain quite a bit I really don't mind the class too much.  I do pretty good in it and it's one of the rare classes where I feel at ease with the other students.

Today the teacher got a big laugh out of one of my answers on the final.  She asked for a contemporary composer and I put down John Lennon.  I was pressed for time and I couldn't think of anyone else.  I don't think it even crossed her mind that I might be right, she just thought it was ridiculous.

As for the girl I mentioned, don't get any ideas.  She's a senior, a tom boy and she cusses and swears. She just likes to hang out in the back of the room with  some other guys and me.  I was however surprised by a conversation she had with one of the other senior boys in the class.  They never talk to each other in class but from what I heard, they'd obviously had a previous relationship. They were definitely mad at each other and they didn't realize I could hear the conversation.  She whispered to him, "Some guys just don't have what it takes to please a girl".  He responded by saying, "A guy has to have something to work with if he's going to get it on". 

I got a little depressed when I heard it. It reminded me that there's  a whole world out there that I'm not part of.  For some reason it made me feel left out and even though they were arguing, I felt jealous. I just don't have much going on in my life.

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