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  July 9, 2003


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July 9, 2003 - Wednesday

The Gulf

Being in a cynical mood seems to come naturally to me.  I don't like it and I'm honestly trying to improve my outlook on life though, some days are easier than others.

One exercise that was suggested  is to meditate for twenty minutes and write down all the angry thoughts and resentments that come to mind during that period.

I'll spare you the whole list but this made the top ten.  

The Gulf of Tonkin.

I looked it up for those who want to reminisce.


Today's visitor to my office

Keith Burgess

Keith is almost exactly my age, retired Air Force and a staunch conservative. We get along pretty well though and it was his petition that I signed to recall the governor.



June 8, 1967 - Thursday

Barry moved home for the summer today.  Dave Hunsaker, a friend of his also came to spend a few days.  Barry's started to grow a beard and it doesn't look too bad.

Tomorrow is the last day for the seniors so it should be a fairly interesting day.  Last year there was a riot between the junior and senior class.  This year precautions have been made but there is still talk that there might be some trouble.

Just for info. I thought I'd mention how Spring fever seems to be affecting me.  It seems twice as hard to concentrate and I seem to be daydreaming too much lately. 

June 12, 1967 Monday

There wasn't any riot.  All the gym teachers ganged up and kept everyone off the senior lawn.

Today I started my finals and this was definitely my hardest day.  Although I had geometry and biology I think I got by all right, at least I did better than I thought I would.  I got up at six o'clock to study geometry.  Tomorrow I have English but I'm not even bothering to study.

Every year on the last few days of school it's cloudy.  Today was no exception. It rained this morning and a little tonight.

Nothing new about the job.  I should find out by the end of the week if I keep working.  I wouldn't mind working full time with Al.  We seem to get along pretty well.  When the work slows down we go to the back of the "runs" and take it easy.  I guess we do goof around a bit but only because things have been going slowly and I get finished a little sooner.

Al was telling me how he lived most of his life and its made me think a bit.  He had a really poor upbringing and I wouldn't want to live like that.  He's not very educated but I seem to get along with that type of people.  Boy I'm conceited!!

I saw the movie "War Lord" on Saturday and I really liked it.

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