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  July 14, 2003


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July 14, 2003 - Monday

Heat Related

Not a real busy day, just steady. Just enough going on to keep things well paced . Catherine won't be home till tonight so I was able to start work  at 6  this morning instead of the usual 7 a.m. . I never thought I'd be a morning person but most of my jobs over the years have started at 6 a.m.. The alarm comes early but so does quitting time. At 2:30 my work day is over and I'm on my way home.

One of my co-workers at the dorms died last week from heat related heart problems. He was about my age and seemed in reasonable shape. They won't confirm that is was a heat stroke though management has brought in a doctor to give us a seminar on working in high temperatures.

As for the heat, I spent the weekend holed up inside working on some of my websites. A few years ago I got on the internet bandwagon and began churning out websites, mostly for my own education and entertainment. As most people know, enthusiasm for the internet has waned however,  I'm still the owner several domains. Even the non-profit groups I was assisting are losing interest and their requests for updates have dwindled to almost nothing.  I've gotten the sense that the internet has become so commercial that people are avoiding it.

As a hobby I've been keeping my sites alive and converting the master domains to hobby pages. Running websites is surprisingly cheap and for $30 a month I'm able to fool around with tons of on line storage space and no restrictions on visitor traffic. (N0 problem there.)

About a year ago I converted my site to a place where people can share stories about the outdoors. Nothing overwhelming but its been fun. Yesterday I did the same for my site and I'm using it for sharing writings that I collect from here and there.. Eh. Its a hobby and I'm too old to start up a porno site.


Today's visitor to my office


Tina is the youngest member of our staff.  She's taking survey classes and soon hopes to move on to a job in that field.



June 13, 1967 - Tues
Continued from last entry

Last Saturday night at about 1:30 a.m. I was driving around the Amphibious Housing and I was stopped by the police.  I like to drive around at night when I just want to get away and think. That's not a good story to give the police because they always think a kid my age is up to no good.  I was lucky I had my military dependent I.D. and I think that's what saved me.  No ticket!

June 16, 1967 - Friday

Brother, this has been one heck of a day. No more school anyway.  I got all B's except for Geometry and I don't want to talk about that. OK!  I got a D in Geometry.  I don't know why but I just couldn't get it.

Next year I don't think I'll take the advanced English course.  Even though I got a B I just didn't feel like I fit in with the other kids. Bet I can get an A in the regular English class.

The worst thing happened today at work.  Out of the clear blue, Al quit.  The other boy (Ron) was in today and since he does the same junk I do there's nothing left for me.  Right now I spend more time in the back trying to look busy but doing nothing.  Since Ron has worked there longer I asked him if he knew of anything that needed to be done.  He didn't have the faintest idea.

It's really gotten me annoyed the way nobody tells me anything down there.  They continually put me on the spot as far as working is concerned. First I go in and another boy is doing my job then the next thing Dr. Malone was there asking me if I could work tomorrow.  I wasn't scheduled to work but I was so in a daze that I said yes.  He was all for dropping it there but I asked him what the heck I'd be doing over the summer and he wasn't sure.

I was mistaken to say Al quit and I'm almost sure he didn't. I just talked to him last night and he said nothing about quitting.  I have the feeling he was fired. Nobody's told me where he went, only that he he and his wife are gone for good. 

Hell if I'm going to work full time during the summer with nothing to do.  I like the job but not the way it's turning out.


I just went for a long walk down the beach.  I just wanted to think over my plans.  Of course I came to no conclusions on anything. I was wondering what it takes to be a good poet or writer.  When I read the works done by great writers I wonder how a person can write such beautiful words and not loose his whole mood by worrying about things like where the next meal is coming from or who's going to pay the rent.

I seem to get too upset over details in my life.  I wish I could express myself well but when I try, I start thinking about stupid problems that distract me.  When ever I try to express my feelings I always end up discouraged.

I guess you know that when I'm depressed I'm always taking long walks.  Tonight I didn't have to worry about school and my mind was free to appreciate the surroundings.  The beach was beautiful.


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