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  July 19, 2003


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July 19, 2003 - Saturday

Recline Mode

Smokey likes milk. He likes it a lot and he's become sort of a nag about it.  Because cats have trouble digesting regular milk, I get him a special concoction specifically blended for a cat's digestion. He actually likes it better than his dry food and I think he would be perfectly happy if I made it his primary meal.  I have a suspicion that Smokey had been a fat cat before he came into my life and I'm concerned that he may return to his former plump girth.  Gotta keep my eye on this. 


I'm spending the weekend catching up on movies and eating rice & chili. (Another girth to keep my eye on) I watched "X-Men" last night and later today, Catherine and I will be watching "Gangs of New York" and "Barbershop".

I have a modest collection of DVD movies and I like to take them into work to share with the other workers.  The biggest hit so far, especially with the students, has been "Terminator II".

Way too hot to spend much time outside so I expect I'll be imitating Smokey in "recline mode".



June 17, 1967 - Sat

I was just reading over some of my old notes and I came across a section on drugs.  My opinion varies a great deal on the subject and lately I've taken a more liberal viewpoint.  At least on marijuana. "Pot" is not habit forming or physically dangerous.  It may surprise you but pot is about as common as fire crackers in Coronado.  Believe it or not, one of my close friends has tried it.

Prohibition caused a great deal of crime and so do the laws against drugs.  Marijuana at least ought to be legalized.  It causes no more harm than liquor and is probably less degenerating.  If I get the opportunity I'll probably give it a try.


Every year on the last day of school we always go through the ritual of signing other peoples year books.  I brought mine and I planned to have my close acquaintances sign it.  I was a little surprised in Biology when two girls I barely knew had me sign theirs.  I of course got them to sign mine and I'm still a bit confused by the whole thing.  Why would they want me to sign their books.  I guess I looked pitiful sitting in the corner.

Although I don't like to admit it, every guy has some girl he's --- well --- interested in and I'm no exception. For me it's Linda Barnes and I've noticed her ever since the seventh grade.  She's very pretty and she goes around with older guys which makes it more than hopeless for me. (It would only be "just" hopeless if she went out with guys my age.)  I suppose by now you can guess who walked up to me to have me sign her book.  Christ, I could have fallen through the floor.  She's never even spoken to me before. 

I could have kicked myself because after the first day I didn't bring my book and I'm still cussing myself for not having it for her to sign.  Man, I'm a blinkity blank idiot.
I think I'll put out a little more effort to be friendly to people.  Maybe they don't think I'm the ass I think they think I am.

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