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  June 14, 2003


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Saturday - June 14, 2003


I've been having a tough time this week keeping all my electronic gismos working.  Being a gadget geek is a lot of work. For fun I use one of those palm organizer devices.  I would never go so far as to say it's a device I can't do without because everything it does can be handled better by other dedicated devices.

The one I use (Zire71) can take snap shots, play MP3's and display e-books.  The other day I even found myself using it in Von's for my shopping list.  I also keep it with me at work for photographing valve locations and updating our valve data base.


Speaking of e-books, I've been reading one of the self help books that my doctor suggested.  "Just Listen - A Guide to Finding Your Own True Voice".  Boy, is it a "Touchy, Feely" peace of work.  Among other things, she suggests knitting a sock as a place to put all our depressing memories. We keep it somewhere in our "quiet corner" where we meditate.  OK, I don't knit, but the cat's litter box is near by. What better place to put my depressed memories.  Come to think of it, it's kind of distracting  trying to meditate when the cat is scratching around in that thing.  I think I should look for another "quiet corner" before I take up knitting.


SDSU Main Mall - Before




April 30, 1967 - Sunday

I haven't done one darn thing today but loaf.  I tried doing homework but I just couldn't.  Mr. Clark wants me to do a 750 word report on the "Hippies" and I can't think of a thing.

Today daylight savings started and this marks what I consider the true beginning of Spring.  I love it when the sun stays out till 8 or later.

May 1, 1967 Monday

I guess I stayed out in the sun too long because I got a bit sunburned. It itched so much last night, mother heard me talking in my sleep about it. I don't remember a thing.

I handed in my "Hippy" report but it was in pretty poor shape.  Most of my information came from a Newsweek article. I really don't see what all the fuss is about and I found that I agree on most of their philosophy.  Seems to me that their ideas on peace and love are what we've been taught all our lives.  Why get excited when a bunch of kids are just practicing what their parents have been preaching?  I also kind of like their anti commercialism ideas.  I look at the things the older generation find important and the prospect of ending up like them is kind of depressing.

The drugs are another thing.  I was talking to Pat's bother  the other day and he said the whole thing is really exaggerated and not that big of a deal.  Heck, mother and father are drunk every night so I don't see what the difference is.

Tonight is the last night of religion class.  Yay.  For the past two weeks the teacher has done nothing but talk about degenerates and how we should avoid becoming one.  Frankly, I'm not real clear on just what a degenerate is.  He hasn't mentioned it but I suppose he would consider a Hippy a degenerate.




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