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  June 20, 2003


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Friday  - June 20, 2003

Bare Dirt Policy

It was another week of rushed Town Hall newsletter deadlines.  Jerry, the manic Town Hall president, just canít seem to come up with information for the publication until itís two days before he wants it printed.  For me, two days isnít enough and when Iím rushed, I make mistakes.  As you would expect, people are touchy about misspelled names, wrong phone numbers and incorrect event dates.  For me, the biggest problem with last minute changes is getting the articles spaced so that the newsletter will come out to an even number of pages.  One article too many and Iíve got to figure out how to stretch the content to take up two additional pages or, cut something out to retain the current size.  Small town politics also get involved when youíre dealing with a group of people who have a rich assortment of personal agendas and pet projects. One of these days Iím going to abuse my position, shanghai the publication and only print things that interest me.  Here come the cat pictures.

Itís already fire season and people in our valley are getting twitchy.  I find it odd that people move to the country to get back to nature then cut down all the vegetation and surround their property with vast expanses of concrete.  These are the same people who install thousand watt streetlights on their front lawns because theyíre afraid of the raccoons.  They drive expensive street cars, then complain about the bumpy dirt roads and insist on paving them over.  Before you know it you live in (insert name of any boring suburb here).

Anyway, using the excuse of fire preparedness, these same people  like to elevate their egos by forcing everyone to convert their property to bare dirt. They want things neat, tidy and sterile and if you donít comply, theyíll report you to the principal. (The Forest Service)

Alpine Fire  - 2 Years Ago



May 6, 1967 - Saturday

Tomorrow, for the first time I'll drive over to San Diego State College.  This will be the first time Iíve driven in the big city alone and Iím kind of nervous.  After almost a year of driving in Coronado, this will be a drastic change.

My excuse is that Iím going to the open house at state.  This is true but mainly I want to prepare myself and my parents for the summer when I hope to do a bit of skin diving at La Jolla

This trip will really take away any restrictions.  Living on an island is like living in another country.  If I can now drive in San Diego itís like being unchained.  Iím free to go almost anywhere.

 This week Mr. Clark spent an entire period talking about drugs.  Everybodyís been getting excited because they arrested some kids with LSD and the news is talking a lot about a drug epidemic in America.

 Mr. Clark is my favorite teacher and heís really popular.  From the way he was talking it sounded like heís had first hand experience with the subject.  He said that in the course of a personís life they build up defenses to protect themselves from the bad things in their personality.  When they smoke pot or take LSD, those defenses are stripped away and the person starts looking at themselves without their previous rationalizations.  He said that is a big danger with LSD and why some kids canít handle it.  I guess some kids have ended up in mental hospitals.

May 7, 1967 - Sunday

Everything went fine.  I left at about 10:30 and went to Noels house which is pretty close to the college.  I found his house easily and I drove him to the campus.  He goes to school there with Barry.  Noel spent some time showing me around campus though mostly he was interested in checking out his final grades which were posted outside his classes.  School has already ended for them.

I then went over to Barry's and found his apartment easily. He talked a bit about all the parties they have and showed me his collection of empty beer cans.  I guess going to parties is a big part of college.

The trip back was also uneventful.  The fun part is taking the Coronado ferry across the bay from San Diego.  It takes about 30 minutes.  I'm glad I tried driving because it gave me a chance to practice for the summer.  I now know I can drive in the big city and I won't be so hesitant after this.

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