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  June 22, 2003


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Sunday - June 22, 2003

Vigilante Weed Posse

This weekend had to do with brush clearing and fire prevention. We're required to cut the weeds 10 feet back from the road and every year around this time the valley echoes with the sound of line trimmers and brush chippers. Some take it more seriously than others though this year I haven't seen the "vigilante weed posse" . Last year the hysteria was at a fever pitch and we had people forming fire committees with members roaming the area, trespassing on property so they could cut back what they considered dangerous over-growth. Tempers flared and one person became so aggravated that he put his house up for sale.

I'm tempted but for now, I won't go off on a tree hugging rant. Catherine has a much harder time accepting these over zealous bush whackers. For me, I try to compromise and meet the minimum requirements as stated by the forest service. So, I spent the weekend roaming the property with my new $400 line trimmer, cutting back the most offensive and obvious growth. We do live in a dangerous fire area and there's no point in tempting fate. Twenty acres usually gives me at least a few weeks of work.

Monday - June 23, 2003

Spent the entire day fighting a migraine and nursing sore muscles. Time for bed.



I've been using my Palm PDA to take snap shots of the people who walk into my office.  This is Randy the Music Major.  Like myself, he's a lead worker and has the office next door.  After college he joined the Peace Corp and spent two years in Nicaragua.  I really admire him for that.



May 12, 1967 - Friday

Today has not gone so well for me. I got stopped by the police for speeding. It really didnít bother me because I was speeding and Iím surprised I havenít been caught before this. I just got a warning and I think from now on Iím going to be more careful in my driving. The officer was able to recognize my car because it had a white rag tied to the antenna and he remembered seeing it in other places around Coronado. The first thing I did when I got home was take off the rag. Getting stopped didnít bother me but it was kind of embarrassing. It was just a couple of blocks from home.

Another thing that went wrong is that Iím sitting at home now at 9:30 on a Friday night and I havenít got a damn thing to do. Itís times like this when I wish I was a social whiz.

May 14, 1967 Ė Sunday

I slept out last night because its been so hot. Today a Santa Anna came in and we had a high of 83. It was so hot in the sun you couldnít even lie down for a sun tan.

I spent the day working on the car with Barry and doing homework (not much). We were working on the street out front when the girl from the house next door walked by. This happened to be just when Barry was nagging me about leaving some tools in the gutter. Thanks Barry for helping me give a good impression!

I walked the beach with Kirk tonight. I really feel sorry for him. For a person who graduates this year he is really naive. When I hear the way he thinks college will be and his ideas on it I canít help but cringe a little.

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