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 June 25, 2003 - Wednesday


I'm finding that I'm using my Palm PDA much more than I expected. It's great for those spare moments when I'm waiting in the car for Catherine to finish running her errands.

I don't think I've mentioned it before but Catherine also works at SDSU in the Geology Department. We have our schedules coordinated so we can car pool together and we trade off errands on the way home. On one day we might stop at the boring yardage store for her and the next day we stop at the more interesting computer store for me. Because we're both so tired after work, we try to limit our stops to one per day (or less).

Anyway, when Catherine is doing her errands, I often spend my time in the car reading an e-book or playing "Bookworm" (one of NilkNarf's favorites).

Surprisingly, I'm finding the e-books really convenient to read. I didn't expect that development and I've got a small collection on the device. Currently, I'm wading through "Les Miserables" which I somehow missed in school. I should finish it sometime this century.

All else is going smoothly. Smokey the cat has made himself at home. He's extremely affectionate and he even enjoys playing on his combination 5' carpeted cat condo/scratching post. Only cat owners would know what that is. He's gaining weight and fully recovered from his month long ordeal at the humane society. Keeping him inside has not been the problem I expected. I suspect he was an indoor cat before us and he even seems a little timid about the outdoors.

The Parakeet in the upstairs bedroom is his big weakness and he just can't control his hunting instincts. Last week he managed to get the bedroom door open, he opened the birds cage and carried the poor thing downstairs before Catherine caught up to him. The bird survived so now we've increased our vigilance at making sure the cage door is wired shut.


Benny Apar

Benny graduated with a BS degree in horticulture from the University of The Philippines.  In the mid 70's he migrated to the United States and after working here a year, moved his wife and mother-in-law to San Diego.  He's our rose expert and a tournament chess player.  We both enjoy buying electronic gadgets from Radio Shack.



May 20, 1967 - Saturday

A lots been happening lately.  Last Tuesday the head kennel worker quit so I've had to get up at 5:30 everyday since. I have to be at work by 6 to feed and run the dogs.  We must have about 20 dogs and 15 cats and I have to make sure that all are changed to clean cages and given food.  Joe, the guy who quit, actually lived at the hospital with his wife.  She worked the front office and he took care of the animals in the back.  As for now, I have to keep working every morning (except Sun) until the doctors can hire a new couple. It's not easy getting cleaned up in time for school.

This morning I went to work and one of the other boys who works was there.  He's been working for about a year but because of track practice he only works every other weekend.  It sure is hard working with him there because he's formed his own routine and since we both do the same things it gets kind of confusing.  At least I'm the only one on the weekdays.

Anyway today I wanted a little time off so I told the doctor that I needed to go to San Diego to run an errand.  I was going to try some skin diving but I of course, left that part out. When I told Doctor Smith what I had planned he decided that as long as I was going over to San Diego, I might as well take over a dead dog that needed to be delivered to the pound where they cremate animals. Thus I spent  the morning meant for the beach instead, driving around San Diego with a dead dog in my car.  I couldn't find the place and must of spent hours looking.  After that I had lost interest in skin diving and just came home.

May 21, 1967

I got up at 11 today cause I needed the extra sleep.  Tomorrow I'm working again and up up at 5:30.

The whole day has been overcast but pretty warm.  This is the way it gets at this time every year.  For some reason I really enjoy it.  I like to drive all over the place when it's very dark and gloomy.  I guess I like it because every year on the last day of school it's like this and I associate it with that.  This is my favorite time of year.  Whenever I think back I always have pleasant memories of this season.

I also drove to Glorrieta Bay today with Kirk and messed around throwing rocks at beer cans.

Last night Barry  and I saw "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken".  It was pretty pitiful but funny.

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