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  June 28, 2003


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June 28, 2003 - Saturday


Another Saturday, another migraine.  Iím spending the day napping and watching the movie ďCrouching Tiger - Hidden DragonĒ.  Itís one of those deals where we watch awhile then break for interruptions and other distractions.

Iím spending a lot of time today contemplating the rumors and office politics that have gone on for years at my place of work.  Friday, one of those rumors was substantiated and I must admit disappointment and a feeling of betrayal by someone that I gave guarded respect.  This has happened before. Weíre all familiar with that feeling we get when someone we admire is revealed in a different light.  For me itís more reinforcement to my philosophy of cynicism and misanthropy. 

In this case the person actually was promoted because she was an attractive women and sleeping with the boss.  Dang!  I'm not easily surprised after the scandals weíve seen in the White House and Catholic Church but itís still disappointing.  No doubt Iím giving this event even more thought than the people involved.  Time to let it go.


William is another one of those employees who started as a student worker and made the transition to permanent employee.  He was an English major and itís nice having someone around who still reads an occasional book.  Management doesn't have a clue to what goes on with a person like him.  Of course the only books they read deal with how to manipulate people and succeed in the corporate environment. Opps!  Was that being cynical? Gotta go to my "Quiet Corner".



May 21, 1967 - Sunday
continued from last entry

Last Friday, Mr. Baker, my history teacher, threw a fit.  Drew Lennon who sits two seats behind me tried to ask a question while Mr. Baker was talking.  This was too much for him so he took a piece of caulk and with a frightening yell, heaved it at Drew.  It just missed me and the kid behind me and bopped Drew on the head.  After that Mr. Baker balled out the whole class for everything he could think of.  He then said he was through teaching us and we'd do nothing until the final exam.  With that he walked out of the room 5 minutes before the end of the period.

Mr. Baker is a retired Marine and he just seems angry all the time.  Once he got into an argument with a boy about VietNam  and he was so mad, things got kind of scary.


I've really grown to dislike Coach Neidameyer.  Last Thursday two boys were wrestling and they got a little too involved. One started cheating and the other hit him.  After that the cheater started beating up on the other boy.

During all this the coach just watched and smiled.  Once the cheater even asked the coach if it was all right and coach just smiled and didn't say anything.  They went back to fighting and after a few minutes the coach finally blew his whistle and they stopped.  I really like the boy who was being beaten.  He's kind of quiet and a loner like myself. You really can't respect a man who would let something like that go on.


Last week I was driving to school and as I pulled up behind another car to park, I found I had no brakes.  We kept right on moving and getting closer & closer.


With split second reactions I pulled the emergency brake and we came to a screeching stop with just 3 feet to spare.

(Ahhh!! Relief!!)

It scared me out of my pants but it's nice to know I can think and not panic in a dangerous situation.  The brakes are fixed now but it took 60 bucks to get then in working order.

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